Pokemon Go Lucky Friends update as Chicago Fest news emerges

A new Pokemon Go Luck Friends feature is being released as part of a big new update from Niantic.

That’s according to new patch notes that confirm what’s coming in the game’s next major Android and iOS patch.

Niantic themselves have not announced the new feature, but details of Lucky Friends have been confirmed via new patch notes.

This includes news that an upcoming update will allow Trainers to unlock more rewards from their in-game friendships.

It appears that Lucky Friends will be added as the final stage of the Friendship System and will be earned after becoming Best Friends with someone.

This already means playing together for 90 days to unlock Best Friends, so it’s unclear how long it might take to become Lucky Friends.

The patch notes hint that this might be a random event, rather than something that can happen just by playing together a lot.

Lucky Friends could be added as a way to boost players sending each other gifts after they have reached the Best Friend level.

This would mean adding a further incentive, perhaps boosting the chance of getting Lucky Pokemon via a swap.

The current Best Friend bonuses list includes a large reduction in the trading Stardust requirement, Receiving 4 extra Premier Balls when participating in a raid with your friend, Receiving a large attack boost when Battling together and the ability to share an EX Raid Invite with each other.

“For every day that you complete certain activities with your friend, you’ll grow your Friendship Level,” the official Niantic description explains.

“There are five Friendship Level milestones: Friends, Good Friends, Great Friends, Ultra Friends, and Best Friends.

“As you battle, trade, send Gifts, and complete other interactions with a friend, you’ll reach Friendship Level milestones and unlock extra bonuses such as a Battle Boost or extra Premier Balls in raids.”

Other changes in the upcoming Pokemon Go update includes being able to activate stacking notification badges for the Pokémon GO app.

There will also be various bugfixes and improvement made to the game to help make it run smoother.

The news comes on the same day that Niantic confirmed Pokemon GO Fest plans for 2019.

The event will be coming to three cities around the world this year, starting with Chicago on June 13-16, followed by Dortmund in July and an Asian event during the summer.

“Stay tuned in the upcoming weeks for details on how to secure tickets to this summer’s biggest Pokémon GO events,” a message from Niantic adds.

“A number of Safari Zone events are coming up in the second half of 2019, so keep your eyes peeled for more!

“If you can’t make it in person to any of our summer events, don’t worry! There will be plenty of ways to participate in Pokémon GO Fest no matter where you are around the world. Stay tuned for more information on this soon.”

Pokemon Go is a popular gaming App that can be downloaded for free on Android and iOS devices.

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