Pokemon Go Update Is Potentially Causing Seizures

Niantic is working on a fix for its latest update that includes a tweaked feature which could induce seizures in some players.

Niantic rolled out its June update earlier this month and a large chunk of trainers don’t appear to be all that happy with it. Some have reported significant lag and delays since the update. However, a more worrying red flag comes in the form of the game potentially causing seizures. The issue was first raised on Reddit by SuddenHelicopter6604 who has epilepsy.

The problematic change appears to have been made to the flash of white light which fills the screen after tapping on a wild Pokemon. “The average player might not notice but I have epilepsy and some other issue where bright flashes can cause seizures,” the trainer explained on Reddit. “After playing for some time at night… I’m getting sick due to this update.” Feeling sick is apparently a sign of a potential seizure for some people.

Since posting about the problem on Reddit, other trainers have reported feeling the same way, presumably due to the changes made to the flash. While the flash after tapping a Pokemon has been present since the game launched, it now appears to be longer and more inconsistent which seems to be what is causing the issue. So many people have raised it that Niantic has responded and is working on a fix.

“We’re working as quickly as possible to correct this issue and expect to publish an app update this week to correct it,” Niantic revealed in a short statement to Dexerto. The new patch might even be available by the time you read this, negating the problem and hopefully eliminating the risk of feeling unwell or having a seizure while playing.

Games causing seizures is certainly nothing new. The only solace when it happens today as opposed to 25 years ago is studios can now fix the problem should it ever occur. Balan Wonderland reportedly had a boss that could potentially cause seizures, but the issue was addressed via its launch update. One Rocket League player also claims to have had a seizure caused by its Neon Fields arena. You can now adjust your settings to rid that particular level of its pulsing effects and flashing lights.

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