Pokemon Go: Virizion Raid Guide

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Legendary Pokemon are some of the most sought-after, fan favorites in the game, and this is no different in Pokemon Go. In the case of this game, these top-tier Pokemon are typically only obtainable following their defeat in Raids, a PvE encounter where you group up with other players to take out powerful Pokemon.

One of these Legendary Pokemon is Virizion, a Grass and Fighting dual-type Pokemon that can only be acquired through the successful completion of its Five-Star Raid. This proves to be easier said than done, but don't worry, we've put together all the information needed to breeze through this difficult Raid battle.

Recommended Group Size

Like other Raid battles against Legendary Pokemon, attempting to defeat Virizion is no joke, proving to be a very challenging Five-Star Raid battle. To guarantee victory in this encounter, it is recommended that you have a group size of at least four to six players.

Although it is possible to defeat Virizion with fewer players, this large group size takes away much of the risk of failure with this tricky Raid battle. That being said, you still want to make sure that most players in your party are using strong Virizion counters to increase your chances of success.

Virizion: Strengths And Weaknesses

Being such a challenging opponent, you will want to make sure you are keeping all of Virizion's strengths and weaknesses in mind when assembling your team. Being a Grass and Fighting dual-type Pokemon, Virizion has several resistances, including Dark, Electric, Grass, Ground, Rock, and Water-type attacks.

Fortunately, this Legendary has the same amount of weaknesses due to its specific typing, including a double-weakness as well. Virizion is weak to Poison, Fire, Psychic, Ice, and Fairy-type attacks, and is double-weak to Flying-type attacks. Due to the difficulty of this Raid, it is important to take advantage of this double-weakness, making this encounter far easier for both you and your teammates.

To further your effectiveness in this battle, be sure to utilize Same Type Attack Bonuses, also known as STAB for short. To be granted this bonus, increasing your overall damage when attacking, use attacks that match the type of the Pokemon using them.

Virizion: Best Counter Picks

This Raid encounter proves to be a welcomed battle for most Flying-type Pokemon, being extremely effective against Virizion. For the best chances of success, put together a Raid team using mainly this type of Pokemon with strong Flying-type attacks.

Below you can find the best Flying types to use for this Raid, in addition to other reliable choices that are either Poison, Fire, Psychic, Ice, or Fairy types.

Don't panic if you don't have access to the top-tier counters listed below, as these are the best possible Pokemon in the entire game. Virizion can still be easily defeated using other Pokemon, as long as they are either Flying, Poison, Fire, Psychic, Ice, or Fairy types.

Flying-Type Counter Picks
PokemonRecommended Moves
Shadow MoltresFast Attack: Wing Attack
Charged Attack: Sky Attack
Mega PidgeotFast Attack: Gust
Charged Attack: Brave Bird
Shadow StaraptorFast Attack: Gust
Charged Attack: Brave Bird
Shadow HonchkrowFast Attack: Peck
Charged Attack: Sky Attack
Shadow Ho-OhFast Attack: Hidden Power
Charged Attack: Brave Bird
Shadow ZapdosFast Attack: Thunder Shock
Charged Attack: Drill Peck
RayquazaFast Attack: Air Slash
Charged Attack: Hurricane
YveltalFast Attack: Gust
Charged Attack: Hurricane
BraviaryFast Attack: Gust
Charged Attack: Brave Bird
TornadusFast Attack: Air Slash
Charged Attack: Hurricane
Poison, Fire, Psychic, Ice, And Fairy-Type Counter Picks
PokemonRecommended Moves
Shadow LugiaFast Attack: Extrasensory
Charged Attack: Aeroblast+
Shadow MewtwoFast Attack: Confusion
Charged Attack: Psystrike
Mega Charizard YFast Attack: Air Slash
Charged Attack: Blast Burn
Galarian ArticunoFast Attack: Psycho Cut
Charged Attack: Brave Bird
Mega AlakazamFast Attack: Confusion
Charged Attack: Psychic
Mega LatiosFast Attack: Zen Headbutt
Charged Attack: Psychic
Mega GengarFast Attack: Lick
Charged Attack: Sludge Bomb
Shadow MetagrossFast Attack: Zen Headbutt
Charged Attack: Psychic
Shadow ExeggutorFast Attack: Extrasensory
Charged Attack: Psychic
BlazikenFast Attack: Fire Spin
Charged Attack: Brave Bird

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