Pokemon Go’s Daily Adventure Incense Lures Players Into 15-Minute Walks With Uncommon Pokemon

Pokemon Go is rolling out a new feature that encourages players to go touch grass. Or more accurately, feel the grass pass gently through their fingers as they hike for at least 15 minutes.

Daily Adventure Incense is a new item that will start appearing in player inventories starting this week. Each player gets one Daily Adventure Incense per day which lasts 15 minutes. Activating the Daily Adventure Incense will let players encounter "Pokemon not frequently seen in the wild."

There are, naturally, a few caveats to the Daily Adventure Incense. First, you have to unlock it with a Special Research task which teaches you how to use Daily Adventure Incense and awards some XP. Second, you can’t stack regular Incense with the Daily Adventure kind–only one Incense can be active at a time. Also, Daily Adventure Incense only works while you’re moving, so if you activate it and just stand still, you won’t receive any benefit.

Once activated, player avatars will be surrounded by a blue fog while Daily Active Incense is in effect. Players can expect to encounter additional Pokemon during their 15-minute journeys, and if you don’t have a lot of Poke Balls, Niantic will gift you with 30 free Poke Balls before you set out (provided you have less than 30 of all types of Poke Balls in your inventory prior to activating Daily Adventure Incense).

As for what you can encounter, the fine folks over at Silph Road have been documenting the new finds courtesy of Daily Adventure Incense. The most notable Pokemon are Galar variations of the three Legendary birds, including Galar Articuno, Zapdos, and Moltres. They have an extremely low capture rate, however, and a flee rate of 90 percent.

Other Pokemon are far more likely to stick in your Poke Ball with a direct hit. Silph Road noted several previously egg or raid-only Pokemon appear using Daily Adventure Incense, including Espurr, Vullaby, and Rockruff. However, those gems will be thrown in with "basically everything" else, so don’t expect Daily Adventure Incense to allow farming of any particular Pokemon.

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