Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Will Feature Ed Sheeran’s New Song "Celestial"

When you think of catchy songs that have appeared in Pokemon games you think of Cynthia's battle music or the classic Pokemon theme tune – well, I do anyway. What you don't think of is officially chart music by one of the most popular musicians on the planet, but that's going to be the case with Pokemon Scarlet & Violet as Ed Sheeran's new song Celestial will apparently feature somewhere in the game.

As reported by Serebii, Celestial will be the first song included in a Pokemon game that actually has lyrics. We don't know where the song will pop up, but it's unlikely it'll start playing when you hit Route 6. Most likely, the song will be featured in either the opening of the game or the credits. Reputable Pokemon insider CentroLeaks has also suggested that Sheeran's song will play near the end and has also claimed that the final chapter of Scarlet & Violet will be a real tear-jerker. The song's official music video is embedded below for your viewing pleasure.

With this news, it seems like Game Freak is going all out with Pokemon Scarlet & Violet's soundtrack, as it's also confirmed that Undertale creator Toby Fox has composed some music for the title as well. Fox contributed to the soundtrack of Sword & Shield, although it was in the game's optional Battle Tower. His music will be heard by a lot more people in Scarlet & Violet though, as Fox revealed he has composed music for the game's new Terastal Raid Battles.

In other Pokemon-related news, Game Freak gave us a look at yet another new Pokemon on Wednesday, although it'll be pretty familiar to Gen 1 fans. Wiglett shares an awful lot of similarities with Diglett, although it's white instead of brown and is unsettlingly long. While we don't know Wiglett's type, it's confirmed that it isn't a Paldean form of Diglett and is a completely new Pokemon with a separate evolutionary line.

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