Pokemon Scarlet & Violet: 10 Best Ice-Types

Ice has had a tumultuous path to success over the course of Pokemon's history. What once started as a rare type hampered by low availability and some questionable stat spreads and type pairings is now a genuine threat, with a large roster of great Pokemon.

If you're a fan of the coolest Pokemon around, you're in luck – Pokemon Scarlet & Violet's roster of Ice-types is pretty great, and there are some powerhouses to pick from.

10/10 Beartic

If you need a lumbering hunk of ice to make a hole in whatever annoying Pokemon you find yourself before, Beartic is a good shout. With a stupendous Attack stat and fantastic coverage moves, Beartic can unleash hell on command.

Self-buff with Swords Dance and then let rip with whatever works. That's the general gist of Beartic's strategy. With coverage moves of types often lacking in Ice-type Pokemon, Beartic can give the enemy a nasty shock – the likes of X-Scissor, Crunch, Heavy Slam, Earthquake, and Rock Slide won't be expected.

9/10 Cetitan

It's obviously not a great idea to start things off on a negative bent, but Cetitan is an Ice-type that also attempts to be a wall, with a massive amount of HP. Ice is possibly the worst defensive typing in the game, with a ton of common weaknesses.

The things is, Cetitan shines even though its niche isn't very viable in high-level play. It has a great Attack stat and a powerful roster of coverage moves, including Play Rough, Earthquake, Body Press, Stomping Tantrum, and Bounce. Add in a high-power Ice-type attacks like Ice Spinner or Avalanche (which will often be powered up thanks to Cetitan's low Speed) and you have a great attacker with more HP than your average attacker.

Thanks to Thick Fat, Cetitan actually gets to cut out one of its weaknesses, letting it go up against Fire-types with ease.

8/10 Iron Bundle

If you're playing Pokemon Violet, you have the chance to catch this neat Paradox Pokemon – if you're on Scarlet, you'll have to trade. This knock-off Delibird is notable merely as it makes the second generation Santa-themed disappointment quite viable.

It has extremely high Special Attack and Speed, so you might not even need to worry about Iron Bundle's low defensive stats – it could pull off a clean sweep without being hit once!

7/10 Crabominable

Ice is one of the best offensive types in Pokemon. Fighting is one of the best offensive types in Pokemon. Smash them together and you get an aggressive hairy crab with one problem – it will eventually run out of Pokemon to clobber.

With Ice Hammer, Crabominable is going to put a dent in anything thrown at it, and if it ends up pitted against something ridiculously bulky, you can bet that its high-powered Fighting-type moves will serve as plentiful backup. It even has the useful Stomping Tantrum, with which it can turn annoying Ice Hammer misses into superpowered Ground-type annihilation.

6/10 Glaceon

A devastating special attacker with respectable defensive stats? That's Glaceon! This icy Eeveelution doesn't win many popularity contests for one reason or another, but it's absolutely worthy of consideration if there's an Ice-type hole in your team.

Ice Beam was made for this Pokemon, and it even has some neat coverage options in Shadow Ball and Chilling Water, and it can even run a Calm Mind/Stored Power combo. Another option would be to teach it Wish through Egg Moves and enjoy a sweeper with a surprising amount of self-healing.

5/10 Frosmoth

Bug isn't often hailed as one of the best types in the game, despite having some incredibly tough Pokemon. For Frosmoth, it makes a pretty great secondary typing – it helps cover Ice's weakness to Fighting and adds some STAB to another great offensive typing.

With Quiver Dance, Frosmoth has the potential to be a devastating setup sweeper. Using it will boost our special stats and you Speed – use it once or twice and then go to town with powerful STAB moves such as Bug Buzz or Blizzard, and save the fourth moveslot for something more utilitarian, like U-Turn or Feather Dance.

4/10 Rotom Frost

Once you win the Rotom Catalogue in Porto Marinada's auction house, you'll be able to change the form of any Rotom you catch. Use the Refrigerator setting and you have yourself an Ice and Electric-type with considerable bulk and a nice Special Attack stat.

This works really well for a Rotom, which thrives with Thunderbolt and Blizzard as STAB moves, bolstered by great utility moves. Slap Confuse Ray and Thunder Wave on it and your foes will not know what hit them.

3/10 Froslass

Everyone's favorite creepy lady is back in Scarlet and Violet, and she's as strong as ever. While a bit on the fragile side, Froslass is another fantastic combatant thanks to great Speed and enough Special Attack to use it.

Utility is the name of the game with Froslass – with access to Will-O-Wisp, Thunder Wave, Confuse Ray, Taunt, Trick, Destiny Bond, and Double Team, you're totally free to pick your own brand of Neutral Evil with Froslass. Pair one of the status moves with Hex for even more cruelty.

2/10 Weavile

High Speed and high Attack make Weavile the very definition of a physical sweeper. You want it to come in and spend as little time destroying your opposition as possible, and it has to tools to pull this off consistently.

The strategy is pretty similar to Beartic's – set up a Swords Dance and use Weavile's incredible roster of attacks to take on every challenger who comes your way. What puts Weavile so much higher than Beartic is its Speed – it's far more reliable at pulling off a clean sweep, and it has the tempting option of Baton Pass to give those juicy Attack boosts to a different teammate if your foe sends out something Weavile can't deal with.

1/10 Baxcalibur

Any Pokemon on the receiving end of a Glaive Rush is going to be feeling that pain for days. Baxcalibur is this generation's pseudo-legendary and it's worthy of the title – it has fantastic offensive typing in Ice and Dragon, a movepool full of top-tier attacks, and a sleek design.

It's on the slower side, but it's a brutal dragon with Dragon Dance, you can't really ask for more than that. Keep it away from tough Fairy and Fighting-type threats and you'll have little to worry about.

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