Pokemon Sword and Shield review embargo time – latest news

Pokemon Sword and Shield is released this week on Friday, 15th November.

Amid all the controversy surrounding the game, be it the many leaks, the missing Pokemon from the pokedex, or campaigns to spread goodwill under the #ThankYouGameFreak hashtag, many fans simply want to know when reviews go live.

At the time of writing, Nintendo nor Pokemon have specified a global review time for the game.

Likewise, Metacritic, who normally post review embargo times to their social profiles, doesn't appear to know when reviews will go out either.

OpenCritic, another review aggregating site is also bereft of any information on the matter.

Looking further afield, the Pokemon Sword and Shield sub-reddit does suggest that reviews could drop a sometime Tuesday or Wednesday this week, based simply off past Pokemon game releases.

Some fans mention that previously reviews for Pokemon Let's Go came out two to three days before the game was released in stores.

So it's conceivable that Nintendo and Pokemon could have set a review embargo a few days before this Friday's full launch.

There's also a number of reports that Pokemon Sword and Shield review copies may have been held back in light of the recent leaks (via Liam Robertson ).

"The Pokémon Company is apparently saying they’re holding off on sending out review copies now due to leaks," Robertson said.

"Some may still get them but people are being told it’s not happening."

"I've spoken to 3 people now who have had emails from Nintendo saying they won't get codes until release day."

It's quite possible then that some of your favourite outlets might not have reviews ready until post-release.

That said, the suggestion from Robertson that some review copies were sent out, which might suggest reviews will be forthcoming before the game releases this Friday.

For the time being, we'll be sure to update this page should any and all information regarding the Pokemon Sword and Shield review embargo come to light.

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