Pokémon Sword and Shield starter evolutions may have leaked

The most pressing question that comes with any Pokémon game — besides the “Should I buy X or Y?” question — is which starter to pick. And while initial appearances may endear you to one, we all know that the decision can’t be made until after the evolutions are revealed.

Well, thanks to a few Reddit leaks, we might be able to narrow down the difficult decision upcoming with Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield. Or not. We’re not able to confirm if these are real. But either way, here’s what’s been leaked.

[Ed. Note: Possible spoilers for Pokémon Sword and Shield abound!]

These are the leaked images of what could be first evolutions of Sobble and Grookey!

Unfortunately, there were no Scorbunny evolution leaks, but there were images of other Pokèmon, some Galarian forms and some totally new. There are a lot of images floating around, but not all of them seem legit. Peruse the Pokémon Sword and Shield Reddit at your own discretion for spoilers and absorb the supposed leaks with a grain of salt.

Here are some that seem the most legit.

What could maybe be Galarian Meowth owns my heart.

This one is allegedly called Perrseker and he’s probably a Bigger Meowth.

Pokémon Sword and Shield come out on Nov. 15.

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