Pokemon TCG – Every Psychic-Type Pokemon In Crown Zenith, Ranked

The Crown Zenith set brings mind-shattering cards to the Pokemon TCG that many Psychic-Type lovers will enjoy. With this set signaling the end of the Sword & Shield era, it features many exciting cards.

With the powerful Galarian Gallery cards, great artwork, and powerful VMAX and VSTAR Pokemon, there is lots to enjoy. This set brings us cards like Hatterene VMAX, Deoxys, and Mewtwo, letting us know that Psychic-types are still a threat and must be respected.

14 Exeggcute

Being a first-stage basic Pokemon, it's no wonder this card has nothing spectacular, and it only has one move in Psy Bolt.

Psy Bolt does have the secondary ability to paralyze an opponent's Active Pokemon if you flip a coin and land on heads so that it can provide something. Still, this egg-head is just something to add to the deck to set up for other things.

13 Dusclops

Although Dusclops has great artwork that gives us an idea of the menacing nature of the ghost, it doesn't offer much to the competitive scene.

Dusclops provides nothing outside a 90 HP pool and a singular move. The one attack it does have, Fade to Black, only does 30 damage and confuses, but it's not enough to be reliable. Only use it for setup to get out a more robust card, or if you just need to stall your opponent out for a bit.

12 Mew – Galarian Gallery

Outside this beautiful artwork featuring the sleeping legendary, Mew offers one thing. The Mysterious Tail ability, which allows you to search the top six cards of your deck and put an item from your search in hand.

Search abilities are always welcome, and since it doesn't cost anything, it isn't entirely detrimental for you to use. Plus having this Galarian card on the field is a guaranteed flex for collectors.

11 Lunatone

Lunatone, the Meteorite Pokemon, is a decent support psychic card from the Crown Zenith set.

This card offers a great ability with Cycle Draw, where you can discard a card and draw three cards. It allows you to stockpile your discard pile with certain cards, that other cards can utilize like Mewtwo from this very same set.

10 Comfey – Galarian Gallery

This flowery ornament Pokemon's Flower Selecting ability lets you look at the top two cards of your deck, putting one in your hand and the other in the Lost Zone. It's a very situational ability that can let you get an early game lead, but the downside of putting a card in the Lost Zone might dissuade you from using it.

Plus, it has Spinning attack, but it's a two Energy attack that only does 30 damage, so you only want Comfey for its ability.

9 Girafarig

Girafarig offers excellent support from the Crown Zenith set. Its frail, but has the ability Double Draw, which allows you to draw two cards from your deck without any drawbacks. Then it has access to the move Psybeam, which does a measly 30 damage, but it guarantees confusing your opponent's Active Pokemon.

With these two abilities, this card greatly supports your deck and lets you get more cards in hand to pull out fantastic combos while restricting your enemy's Active Pokemon.

8 Mew V – Fusion Strike

The New Species Pokemon, Mew, is perfect for Fusion Strike decks. Mew has a strong ability with Energy Mix, which allows you to grab a singular psychic Energy from your deck. The only downside is that you must attach the card to another Fusion Strike Pokemon card.

Also, it has tremendous pivoting skill with Psychic Leap, which does a decent amount of damage at 70. Still, it allows you to switch this Pokemon out and put it into your deck and every card attached to it, which means you can easily recycle Mew V and other cards repeatedly if done correctly.

7 Exeggutor

Exeggutor is a significant upgrade from the pre-evolution Exeggcute. To start, we have the first ability from Exeggutor, Powerful Storm, an attack that does 20 damage for every psychic Energy attached. This attack is great because it allows you to stack up Energy on Exeggutor to deal significant damage.

Also, if you want ensured damage, then with one psychic Energy and two Energy of any type, this coconut can utilize its Stampede attack, which does a good 100 damage. This card is unreliable but allows for good damage if set up correctly.

6 Deoxys – Galarian Gallery

The DNA Pokemon has compelling artwork that gravitates your attention, but is limited in moves. Deoxys has a singular move in Photon Boost that deals 80 damage, but if this card has a Strike Energy attached, it does an additional 80.

Sadly with only that to its kit, this doesn't make Deoxys anything special and limits the types of decks it can be used in. Plus, it costs a great amount of Energy to get this Pokemon going, which makes it a tricky unit.

5 Enamorus

This basic legendary, Enamorus, is unique. First, it can heal itself with the move Draining Kiss, which deals 20 damage and also heals the Pokemon for 20 damage. Nothing too special, but it does bring longevity to this card. Its next move, however, is where this Love-Hate Pokemon can pack a punch.

The move Loving Sympathy deals 70 damage, but if you and your opponent have the same amount of cards in hand, this move does an additional 70 damage, totaling 140. This attack is excellent because, if played right, Enamorus can dish out a lot of damage and keep itself on the field with its draining kiss ability.

4 Hatterene V

The silent witch of the forest, Hatterene, is a better version of Mew V within this set. Hatterene V has the ability Horoscope, which only needs one psychic Energy. Using this ability, you can see the top three cards of your deck and attach any number of Energy cards you find to Hatterene. That allows you to stack up Hatterene V nicely for later plays within the game.

Then, it has the ability Teleportation Burst, which does a decent amount of damage being 80, and allows this card to switch out with on your bench. This attack enables pivoting plays with this card, making it easy for you to deal damage and switch it out without facing any repercussions.

3 Mewtwo

With a black hole in hand, Mewtwo is ready to secure victory for you. This powerhouse has Psypump, which allows you to take two psychic Energy from your discard pile and stack it directly onto this card or any other available Pokemon.

With enough Energy, Mewtwo can utilize its Limit Break ability. This attack does 90 damage, but if your opponent has three or fewer Prize Cards, this attack does an additional 90. If you find yourself near the end of a battle, this is the perfect late-game card.

2 Tapu Lele

Tapu Lele is just a better Enamorus from this set. You can utilize this card's Energy Burst attack, which does 20 damage for each Energy attached to Lele and your opponent's Active Pokemon. This attack allows you to punish your opponent for powering their active Pokemon up and rewarding you for doing the same.

But if you want something more, we have Tapu Lele's Spiral Drain attack, which does 100 damage and heals this Pokemon for 30 damage. So not only do you get a guaranteed amount of damage, but you can also cure this card at the same time.

1 Hatterene VMAX

If you want a card that will give you free damage, Hatterene VMAX is the perfect psychic-type for your deck. This VMAX threat has a huge HP pool of 320, meaning it will live any attack and has two extraordinary abilities.

Hatterene has the ability Witch's Domain, allowing it to move two damage counters from your side to your opponent's Active Pokemon. That ability is annoying to deal with because it will enable you to mitigate damage to your side and punish your opponent for attacking. Hatterene VMAX's second attack is G-Max Smite, which does 150 damage and confuses the opponent's Active Pokemon.

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