Pokemon Unite Celebrates Passing 100 Million Downloads With Free Coin And Gold Emblem Code

Pokemon Unite has reached a milestone. The free-to-play multiplayer online battle arena game has crossed 100 million downloads, a significant achievement. Developed by Timi Studio Group, the game launched only last year but has proven a success on mobile platforms that Nintendo is still branching out on.

On Twitter, Pokemon site Serebii shared the news that Unite has been downloaded more than 100 million times (via Nintendo Life). To mark the occasion, the developers are celebrating by giving out 1000 Aeos Coin and one Gold Emblem box. All users have to do is use the code: THANKYOUFOR100MM.

Published by The Pokemon Company on iOS and Android, and by Nintendo on the Switch, Pokemon Unite sees two teams of five competing to score the highest by the end of the match. Since it launched, the roster available in the MOBA has been expanded from an initial range of around 20 or so 'mons to now 44 Pokemon, with more expected to be introduced.

Pokemon Unite was downloaded over one milliont times just in the past month, according to Sensor Tower, with revenues generated around the $500,000 mark over that period. It's by far The Pokemon Company's most successful mobile title, beating out the likes of Pokemon Quest and Pokemon Home.

The first Unite Championship Series was held this year with US team BLVKHVND taking the inaugural title in August as part of the Pokemon World Championships, which was held in London. According to our Features Editor Eric Switzer, who attended the World Championships in London, the competiton stole the show with the MOBA making for an "unparalleled" spectator experience.

While Pokemon United has picked up awards, such as Google Play's Best of 2021, and was nominated for Best Mobile Game at last year's TGAs, the title has seen mixed reception, with players and critics complaining of balancing and microtransaction issues, among others.

However, the onus will be on The Pokemon Company and the developers to ensure players get a good experience especially with so many downloads translating to a significant fanbase. It remains to be seen if Unite can maintain its momentum over 2023, but we'll be sure to keep an eye on it here at TheGamer.

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