Pokemon Unite Skins Including Pirate Cinderace Revealed Via Leak

This may have been inevitable (what’s an online-based game without a range of silly skins these days?), but why the heck not? If the Predator is welcome in Fortnite, then Cinderace, Talonflame, and friends should be welcome to play dress-up in Pokemon Unite if players wish.

It’s probably fair to say that Pokemon Unite didn’t exactly set the franchise’s fans ablaze with passion when it was announced. The big hope for that Pokemon Direct was… well, anything else, for the most part. Pokemon Diamond and Pearl remakes, for instance, have been top of the list for some time now (and a recent URL emerging has led to yet another resurgence of that rumor).

Elsewhere in the Pokemon universe, some new details on New Pokemon Snap were released this week, making the much-anticipated sequel a hot topic once more. Pokemon photography fun is coming to Nintendo Switch on April 30 and, for many nostalgic fans, that’s at least a month and a half too long to wait.

In the midst of all of this enthusiasm, Pokemon Unite has been all but forgotten. Back in August of last year, alleged leaked screenshots from the game emerged that seemed to show off potential character customization options. Other than that, though, little has been seen or heard from this upcoming MOBA for iOS/Android and Switch. Now, a new leak from Centro Pokemon LEAKS (@CentroLeaks) on Twitter seems to reveal something a little more interesting: Pokemon customization in the form of silly skins.

As fans of the likes of Overwatch will know, a lot of online competitive titles put tremendous effort into elaborate character skins. Pirate Cinderace and beach-ready Garchomp may not be quite on that level, but they’re still something fans don’t usually get to see. Other than Pikachu, Pokemon just don’t get to wear novelty outfits (in an official capacity) as often as they should.

As reported by Nintendo Life, these screenshots seem to come from the January 2021 closed beta, exclusive to China. Hopefully, there’ll be a good range of such skins in the full game, but there’s no telling just yet. One thing’s for sure, though: no outfit seems to make Mr. Mime any less creepy.

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