Potion Permit: Guide To Fishing

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Potion Permit is an 8-bit adventure combining elements of RPGs, roguelikes, and mission-based exploration of the idyllic island of Moonbury. Playing as a Chemist from the wealthier Capital, you must cut your teeth and get into the villagers' good graces by treating illness, building friendships, and expanding your medical practice.

A key aspect of gameplay is the option to go fishing, whether to sell your wares or use your catches to top up your health and stamina. Fishing is a complex slog in Potion Permit, involving a tiered system that rewards you for your efforts, so let's take a look at how it works.

How To Get Started: Unlocking Fishing (Level One)

To unlock the ability to go fishing, journey to the northern section of Moonbury and check out the rolling dunes of Moonbury Beach. You'll see a stall on your left-hand side, frequented by burly Ottomar and other village locals who prefer the salty sea air over the woodlands.

Whilst you're here, go straight ahead and cross the gangplank to the Primrose Sail – a ship that doubles as a one-stop shop for all things fishy. This is where you will meet Leano, a wise-cracking sailor lass who is more than happy to present you with your first-ever fishing rod. You don't need to do anything more at this point, except perhaps pick up some more worms from her shop to use as bait.

However, this is just the start of your journey as the captain of Moonbury's glittering waters.

As a novice fisherman, you won't be able to fish in all three fishing spots yet, but you will be perfectly well-equipped to take on the Park Fishing Spot.

You'll find it near the centre of town as indicated on your map by the number one, which is visible by the fishing icon just to the left of the Town Hall. You'll be able to catch a range of tasty morsels from this point on, making for easy snacks for yourself or the loyal dog who accompanies you on your adventures through Moonbury.

Level One Fishing Catches In Potion Permit

  • Mackeral
  • Crayfish
  • Eel
  • Anchovy
  • Sardine
  • Shrimp
  • Small Chest (contains gold)

How To Unlock The Intermediate Fishing Rod (Level Two)

To build this item, you will need to have completed the Unknown Residue quest and have cleared the blocked section of the Meadow. These quests are procedurally unlocked in the game as main missions, and therefore cannot be missed.

Once you get started slinging your hook, there's more work to be done before you can acquire the Intermediate Fishing Rod. This tool allows you to fish at the River Fishing Spot, meaning more fresh catches, meats, and even the opportunity to fish for treasure. You'll be using the Super Worm for this rod, meaning it won't be quite so tough to yank back control from those frenzied fish and score some impressive daily catches.

In order to unlock this higher-level tool, you'll first need to have gone fishing a fair few times. Frequently check back with Leano at the Primrose Sail, since progressing your friendship with Leano to Level Two is a mandatory requirement if you want to impress her enough to encourage her to upgrade your goods.

You'll do this by embarking upon her respective missions, including Leano's Competitive Fishing side quest where you must collect 20 pieces of White Meat (such as Crayfish) by going fishing at the Park Fishing Spot.

Per each friendship level, you'll be able to gift cloves to villagers for a substantial friendship boost. Chat to them every day, gift them cloves, and complete their missions to fill up that friendship bar.

Once your friendship has been raised to Level Two, you will have the Advanced Fishing Rod quest available on the notice boards. These can be found outside the Police Station and in the Town Square.

You will need to venture into the Meadow and collect the necessary items so that Leano can craft the rod for you:

ItemMaterials Needed
Intermediate Fishing RodRainbow Dew

Silver Nuggets

Rigid Pelts

Level Two Fishing Catches In Potion Permit

  • Blue Marlin
  • Catfish
  • Seabass
  • Squid
  • Sturgeon
  • Large and Small Chests (containing gold of varying quantities)

How To Unlock The Advanced Fishing Rod (Level Three)

You will need to have unlocked the Glaze Iceberg portion of the map by completing the requisite mission and defeating the Koblin Assassins.

The third and final step is to unlock the Advanced Fishing Rod. This item shall unlock the ability to fish at Moonbury Beach, along with the best fishermen in town – but only after proving yourself worthy of mastering the high seas. You'll finally be able to use the Hyper Worm as bait, making fishing an even easier task with far more impressive returns for your efforts.

To unlock this coveted third fishing rod, you'll have to max out your relationship with Leano by completing all of her friendship missions – whether or not you choose to go for her optional romance level. You'll also have to have gone fishing close to or more than 100 times before the Ultimate Fishing Rod Quest appears on the notice boards, but who has time to keep track of each and every catch?

Instead of counting out each fish you catch, watch out for the word "MAX" appearing over your head whilst fishing, as this will indicate that you have maxed out your fishing skill for that current level. This is the best indicator of when the upgrade quest will be available from the notice boards.

This time, you'll need to cough up the following items for Leano to craft you a masterful rod:

ItemMaterials Needed
Advanced Fishing RodCold Blooms

Gold Nuggets

Dark Shards

Level Three Fishing Catches In Potion Permit

  • Blue Octopus
  • Blue Sea Cucumber
  • Crab
  • Fairy
  • Salmon
  • Shellfish
  • Tuna

Tips To Fish Successfully

Snagging yourself a successful catch is a lot more difficult than it sounds, especially with the puny Beginner Fishing Rod. The game doesn't explain the mechanics very clearly, meaning it might take some trial and error to master the ebb and flow of fishing in Potion Permit.

Here are some pointers to bear in mind before jumping into the deep end:

  • Pay attention to the distance. Remember that the further away you cast your line, the longer it will take for you to reel in a fish.
  • Let go of the reel when you see the angry face or exclamation mark pop up. It is a balancing act of pull and release when it comes to fishing, so when the fish struggle against you, it's best to let them swim back until the exhausted icon appears over the fish.
  • Let go of the reel when the fishing line turns red. This indicates that the fish are straining against you. Let go until the line goes back to normal, and then continue to reel in the fish.
  • Leave your joysticks alone. You don't need to use the joysticks at all for fishing – there's only one direction you can reel, and that is towards you.
  • Bring plenty of bait. It's worth stockpiling your worms, and saves you a trip back to see Leano at the Primrose.

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