Prodeus – Beginner Tips

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  • Avoid Fighting If Needed
  • Don't Forget To ADS
  • You Can Amend The Difficulty
  • Get To Grips With The In-Game Menu
  • Utilise Your Surroundings
  • Make Sure To Use The Shop

Prodeus is a shooter game that gives you the best of Halo and Doom combined. With the ability to use totally outrageous guns and fight hoards of enemies, you will be shooting your way out of the levels in this experience. It features a setup of old-school graphics combined with classic gameplay reminiscent of the first FPS.

Although the game is relatively simplistic, it can still be tough to get into as a beginner or if you are not used to shooter titles. There are always some tips and tricks you can pick up on and things to remember when playing it. If you are in need of some beginner's help in Prodeus then this is the guide for you.

Avoid Fighting If Needed

Although this is a shooter, you need to manage the hoards and avoid conflict whenever you can. In Prodeus, you will face many enemies at the same time, but some are slower than others, meaning they are easier to avoid.

If you are low on health or ammo, and you need to get more or maybe just want to finish the mission, then just running past some enemies can be a good idea — unless you are looking to 100 percent every level. However, bear in mind you can go back to each level should you want to try and complete them.

Here are health, ammo, and armor spread around all the levels. When hunting for Ore's and secrets make sure to fill up on what you can, so you do not run out.

Don't Forget To ADS

You need to utilise the ADS feature when playing. By using ADS, you are given more accuracy; this allows you to pick off more enemies from distance and have more precision with your shots. This feature will lead to more ammo preservation.

Obviously, not all weapons can ADS like the dual-wielded guns and Shotguns, but the ones that can certainly give you more chance of getting the kills.

When you use ADS, the accuracy of the gun is better. This allows you to get more headshots, which deal better damage and can be a one-shot kill for some enemies.

You Can Amend The Difficulty

Like most titles, Prodeus has the option to choose a difficulty, so if you are experienced in this style of game and shooters then you can try harder difficulty or start off easy to get into it. However, you do have the option to amend the difficulty of the game. This means that, if you are struggling with particular levels that may be tougher than others, you can amend the difficulty and make it easier to help you pass that level and then return to your previous setting.

Get To Grips With The In-Game Menu

The in-game menu has several options for you to look at. Firstly, you have the game menu where you can change the difficulty mid-level, restart a run-through, or exit the level. Then you have the loadout option that shows you how many ores you have, what weapons you have equipped, and how much ammo you have for them too. It also shows you the health and armor levels you are at.

Another useful thing is the Auto Map, which you can access in the menus or in-game. This feature allows you to see the layout of the level and also shows where things are in the room you are in. Things like enemies, ammo, and secrets will show up on the map, so make sure to use this as you go through the level to traverse the map and find everything you will need.

Utilise Your Surroundings

When making your way through levels there are different opportunities available to you for hoard control. If you have many enemies on you or there are strong enemies around, use the surroundings to your advantage, there are exploding barrels you can use to trim the hoards in chunks, and they are great to use if you can lure a stronger enemy near them to do big damage.

As well as the barrels, you can also find switches that you can shoot around the level, which will activate traps where enemies are standing and crush them. This is a great way to deal with big groups of enemies, but you need a keen eye to notice them while you are running around the level.

Make Sure To Use The Shop

Once you have passed the first three levels, you will then have access to the shop. This is where you can upgrade your weapons and purchase stronger weapons. The shop also has a firing range, so you can practice with the weapons you have unlocked already and get used to the controls and accuracy of the weapons.

When buying anything in the shop you will need Ores to do so, so make sure you are always on the lookout for Ore when you are making your way through levels.

The shop also has abilities that you can unlock for purchase, things like double jump and dash are available in the shop once unlocked, which will help your gameplay when traversing maps and avoiding strong enemies.

Like the abilities, there are also weapons that will unlock when you reach certain tiers. These are stronger more powerful weapons that cannot be found when in the levels, so make sure to save up lots of Ore for these.

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