PS Now has a great new deal if you’re ready to stream PS4 games

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PlayStation Now Streaming might not be as popular as Sony’s other services, but it does offer an interesting alternative for those without a PS4 or PS5 console.

Not only can you access a library of games that include some of Sony’s best, but you can also enjoy backwards compatibility services not available on consoles.

The PS4 famously didn’t offer backwards compatibility with the PlayStation 3, meaning gamers had to leave behind some of their favourite titles.

With PS Now, you can play some of these games again without the need of having to track down any of Sony’s older consoles.

Feeling the itch to play Ape Escape 2? PS Now has you covered, alongside other classics like Dark Cloud 2 or Metal Gear 4.

The lineup of PS Now games changes from month-to-month, with new games being replaced by other big-name titles.


Horizon Zero Dawn is one of the big exclusive currently available on the service, alongside the likes of Detroit: Become Human and The Last of Us.

PlayStation Now also offers ways to download and play games on consoles, but this isn’t a feature that’s ready to hand for PC users.

But even with this drawback, if you’re ready to try streaming PS4 games, March could be the month to do it.

Sony has announced a new PS Now deal that makes it possible to grab a 12-month PlayStation Now subscription for 49.99 in the UK.

What makes this deal a bit more special is that it comes with £15 of credit to spend in the PlayStation Store.

Playstation Now offers ‘hundreds of games on demand’

That would put you a pound off being able to buy top PS4 games like God of War, as well as being able to snap up Rainbow Six Siege and Uncharted: The Lost Legacy.

It’s a great deal for anyone who might have been tempted to try PS Now in the past, with more games being announced for the service in the coming weeks.

But it should be noted that while this deal is still available, Sony will not be offering it for much longer, telling gamers this week:

“Offer valid from 18 March 10:00 GMT to 23 March 10:00 GMT. PS Now 12 month membership is an on-going subscription and will be billed annually at the then current PS Store price, until cancelled.

“Account for PlayStation Network (PSN) required. Certain PS Now games only available for a limited time. Subscribers must be over 18.Users must be 7 years or older and users under 18 require parental consent.”

That means you only have until Tuesday, March 23, to decide whether you’re interested in trying out Sony’s PS Now streaming service.

It should be noted that PlayStation Now currently offers a catalogue of PS4 and classic PlayStation games as part of its library.

But it doesn’t include any PS5 games, meaning you can’t try out Demon Souls or Destruction AllStars.

However, you can still use PS Now on PS5 consoles, meaning you will have access to both streaming and downloading games.

Streaming is being talked about as the future of video games and this new deal might make it the perfect time to check out what all the fuss is about.

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