PS Plus free PS4 games update: THIS PlayStation Plus deal is too good to miss

PS4 owners should grab this incredible PS Plus deal before it’s too late.

As part of Sony’s Days of Play promotion, PlayStation Plus subscriptions are available at massively discounted prices.

Sony has reduced the price of 12 month subscriptions and 3 month subscriptions by 30%.

A deal that’s too good to miss, this means that annual PS Plus subscriptions are down from £49.99 to just £34.99.

If you don’t want to commit for the full year, you can grab a 3-month PlayStation Plus membership for just £13.99. That’s down from the original asking price of £19.99.

Both deals can be found on the PlayStation Store, or you can purchase codes from various online retailers.

The subscription is a paid-for ongoing subscription and a recurring subscription fee of £49.99 will be deducted from your wallet every year,” Sony explains.

Unfortunately, however, the promotion is only available until June 17 at 10am UK time.

Benefits of a PlayStation Plus subscription include monthly free games and access to online multiplayer.

Anybody who takes advantage of the current Days of Play offer will be able to download the June 2019 free PS4 games.

And it’s a stellar month for PlayStation Plus releases, which include Borderlands the Handsome Collection and the excellent Sonic Mania.

With Borderlands 3 launching later this year, there’s no better time than now to check out its predecessor.

Sonic Mania, meanwhile, is a return to form for the spiky blue hedgehog, who has a movie spinoff coming out soon.

Sonic Mania: “Experience the ultimate celebration of past and future in Sonic Mania, an all-new 2D Sonic adventure running at a crisp 60FPS with stunning HD retro-style graphics.

“Multiple playable characters give you the ability to go explosively fast as Sonic, soar as Tails, or power through tough obstacles with Knuckles’ brute strength.

“You can re-live the Sonic of the past with an exciting new twist on classic zones while fighting against new bosses and Dr. Eggman’s evil robot army.

“Go head to-head with players in Competition Mode or play in Co-Op Mode with a friend. Sonic Mania was developed by Christian Whitehead, Headcannon, and PagodaWest Games in collaboration with Sonic Team. Welcome to Sonic Mania!”

Borderlands: The Handsome Collection: “Shoot and loot as you explore the mayhem-filled world of Pandora in Borderlands 2 and the lunar madness of Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel in Borderlands: The Handsome Collection.

“Experience the award-winning FPS-RPG series, including its bazillions of guns, trademark cooperative gameplay, and all bonus add-on content, with high performance like never before on a new generation of consoles.”

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