PS1 Games On PS Plus Premium Japan Are NTSC 60Hz

Back in the days of the original PlayStation, different territories got different versions of games, with slightly different visuals. Enthusiasts at the time were aware that PS1 games in Japan and North America ran in the NTSC format, which meant games ran slightly smoother and faster in 60Hz, while games in Europe ran in the slower 50Hz PAL format. It wasn't all bad though as PAL games displayed visuals with slightly more clarity, but NTSC definitely had the edge for faster pictures.

However, the PS1 games coming to the PS Plus Premium tier, which bundles a lot of retro titles to the subscription, are running in PAL 50Hz versions and this has caused some disappointment. Not being provided the option to pick and choose the PAL or NTSC versions does seem an oversight on Sony's part, but then again game preservation hasn't been Sony's forte over the years.

But it seems like Japanese PS Plus Premium subscribers will have the benefit of playing classic PS1 titles like Ape Escape in NTSC 60Hz (via Pushsquare). This isn't surprising considering it's the original Japanese version of the game, but it also opens up the possibility that those in North America might be treated to this version as well.

Unfortunately, the source that confirmed the NTSC version of Ape Escape for Japan doesn't think this is likely. "I'm seeing a lot of speculation that this confirms that the American version will also be NTSC. This is unfortunately unlikely as many people including myself have tested other regions which used NTSC format had PAL versions of the games", they said.

It's worth noting that including the option to choose which version has been implemented by other platforms. Nintendo, for example, includes both NTSC 60Hz and Pal 50Hz in its own comparable subscription service. Sony has tried to improve the 50Hz issue by releasing a patch that uses a technique know as frame blending. Unfortunately, this resulted in an unsightly ghosting effect.

Since it's the most luxurious of the new PS Plus subscription tiers, Premium should offer users suitably premium features so Sony could probably do a little better with how these games run. Fingers crossed the company's engineers will figure it out sooner rather than later.

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