PS4 exclusive’s new card game is available for everyone to play

If you’re a big Kratos fan but didn’t buy a PS4 you probably missed out on the Angry God’s latest smash hit title.

God of War is a PS4 exclusive and is going to stay that way forever in all likelihood.

The good news is that it will be playable on the PS5 when that launches, but that isn’t expected to happen until 2020.

So if you have a bit of an itch to scratch, there’s a new tabletop GoW experience coming this year.

God of War: The Card Game was unveiled earlier this week and is set to explore Kratos’ adventures in Midgard.

One-to-four players will be able to embody mighty heroes such as Kratos, Mimir, Atreus, Brok and Sindri, and Freya as they try to hold back Ragnarok.

The enemies from God of War will be making a return in the Card Game but will be changed and tweaks to keep things fresh.


Here’s more from the official God of War announcement, which explains: “Each Quest in God of War: The Card Game is made up of a mosaic of cards that recreate monsters and locations from the video game.

“Each Quest’s mosaic is different, and each card is double-sided, depending on if a section has been destroyed or not, and each has special rules that go into effect when it is face-up on the tabletop.

“Learning how each Quest is won, as well as what strategy to employ, is key to victory. As players progress, earlier Quests will affect what comes after them. At certain points along their path, players must choose which Quest they will complete. Completing one might grant a bonus, but Quests left untouched will result in dire permanent consequences as the players move forward.

“These choices and challenges lead to new strategies, making it, so no two games of God of War: The Card Game are ever alike, and adding real significance to the choices players make during the course of the game.

“Heroes in the game have several elements that make them unique. Each comes with their own dashboard that explains their special abilities, health totals, and tracks the number of cards a player can keep in their hand from round to round.

“Tokens are used to keep everything clear as heroes gain and lose health and build up their power so they can unleash a mighty special attack.

“Heroes begin the game with a unique starting deck of cards which will be augmented as the game progresses from additional decks. Players can construct their deck to focus on their strengths or look for ways to generalize their approach, preparing for future Quests that lie ahead.

“Each hero also has a unique standee that indicates what portion of the mosaic they are facing. With multiple heroes to choose from, numerous ways to build their deck, and various different Quests to attempt, each game of God of War: The Card Game will be a new experience that will echo throughout eternity.”

So when will PlayStation, Nintendo and Xbox gamers get their chance to battle against Ragnarok?

According to the official announcement, God of War: The Card Game is set to release later this year.

It doesn’t have a set date but a launch during the 2019 Q3 period is expected. This will mean that the new God of War experience should arrive between July and September.

More news on the tabletop adventure is expected to be revealed ahead of its 2019 release date.

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