PS5 May Release In North America Before Other Regions

While there is still no word on either a price point or even an official release date, Sony’s PlayStation 5 languishes as rumors abound over a potential global staggered release schedule.

The rumors suggest that the PS5 could debut in North America first this coming holiday season, then release in other parts of the world later in the year – whatever that means.

The potential PS5 staggered release window comes via a recent trailer for Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War. Riaan van Wyk on Twitter noticed the strange wording at the culmination of the video, which has now been made private on YouTube. It relates that the PS5 console is “coming Holiday 2020 US and Canada,” whereas for “the rest of the world” it will debut “late 2020.”

Given the fact these thoughts were printed under the Black Ops release date for PlayStation 4, they could simply pertain to the next-gen version of Cold War and its own release schedule, not that of the PlayStation 5. With the same phrasing being pushed on the official Black Ops Cold War website, it’s more than likely this is the case.

Still, with the UK version of Sony’s PlayStation 5 website now also reading “Late 2020,” it’s anyone’s best guess at this point. Sony isn’t new to staggered release windows, or even that of debuting a console in one part of the world first, as witnessed in almost every console launch.

Of major note is the very first PlayStation console release, which this coming September 9 marks 25 years since it first made landfall in North America. Several added rumors suggest that Sony could hold a surprise event on that date to unveil not only the price and release date but also even a preorder page for the next-gen console itself.

Meanwhile, on the PlayStation 5 subreddit, fans are growing more than a little restless in the prolonged silence perpetuated by Sony, evidenced by a recent post sharing the user’s dying enthusiasm. Sony has made it perfectly clear that the next-gen console will release this year, yet the hype and appeal are understandably dwindling as all but live-action ads and current-gen games get peddled by the Japan-based company.

Fans will just have to wait and see what Sony has in store for the PS5’s worldwide launch.

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