PS5 menu and dashboard will be '100% overhaul' says Sony, reveal due soon

A Sony employee has been teasing info about the PS5’s menu screen, implying it will be completely different than the PS4.

While we may, at long last, know what the PlayStation 5 looks like, there are still quite a few mysteries about it that Sony has under wraps (like pricing).

One such aspect is the console’s menu screen and user interface, which will apparently be revealed soon, according to Matt McLaurin, the vice president of user experience design at PlayStation.

Replying to comments on his LinkedIn page, which have been handily compiled together on ResetEra, he has described it as being a ‘100% overhaul’ of what the PlayStation 4’s menu was like, along with some new features.

His comments don’t necessarily provide much in the way of new info, as they are mostly technical and don’t give any insight into what new features it will have or even what it will look like.

He did describe it as being ‘a little more [pragmatic],’ which presumably means that it will be simpler to use and navigate.

We may know a bit more, however, courtesy of some new patents that were recently discovered.

Last week, TheGamePost spotted a new patent regarding the PlayStation 5 user interface, which had been filed in 2017 and only recently became available for public viewing.

Assuming that what we’re seeing is the finalised design for the PlayStation 5’s menu, it doesn’t appear to be too different to what the PlayStation 4 has, though it looks as if the console’s various functions will have their own separate sub-menus, so things like games, films, music, etc. won’t share the same space.

What’s particularly interesting is that the filing mentions a system that analyses a player’s gameplay and provides in-game statistics, like how many times they’ve died in a match, and automatically offers tips and guides for struggling players.

‘Interactions provided by a user during gameplay are used to affect the outcome of the game,’ the description reads.

‘The interactions are analysed to determine the game behaviour of the user. Behaviour metrics are generated for different portions of the game, based on the user’s game behaviour.’

In May, another related patent was discovered, this time by VGC. This one was initially filed in 2018 and mentions dynamically created menus unique to each game that will allow you to access specific modes directly from said menu.

For example, if you wanted to jump straight into a multiplayer match in Call Of Duty, you could do so from this PlayStation 5 menu, rather than having to load up the game and make your way through other menus to reach it.

While they weren’t specifically mentioned, these sorts of features do match up with comments Mark Cerny, lead designer for the console, made last year, where he mentioned a more dynamic UI where you could see what was happening in a game before even starting it up.

As always, all we can do is wait, but since the PlayStation menu hasn’t change drastically since the PlayStation 2 days it does seem due for an overhaul.

The PlayStation 5 is scheduled to launch later this year.

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