PS5 UK restock tomorrow at GAME with at least 8,000 consoles ready to go

GAME’s next big restock of PS5 consoles will be on Thursday morning, with up to 10,000 units expected to become available.

The gap between stores getting in new stock of the PlayStation 5 is shortening every time and already GAME are set to put more up for sale, with stock checkers predicting they’ll go live between 8 and 10am on Thursday, July 22.

GAME is thought to have between 8,000 to 10,000 consoles this week, with a shipping date of July 27 if you chose the more expensive priority option and August 2 if you don’t.

According to PS5 UK Stock – Instant Updates the breakdown will be 4,000 of the more expensive disc versions and 6,000 of the Digital Edition. Usually, the ratio is the other way round, but it seems Sony is trying to get rid of the original versions of the Digital Edition in order to replace it with the new model revealed yesterday.

These stock figures aren’t much in the grand scale of things but if Sony keep up their current delivery rate there should be more with the next month or so even if you do miss out again.

This week has already seen Argos, Very, and Smyths get restocks, as well as Currys PC World – although all theirs will go straight to those that have already registered with their VIP programme.

Sony still isn’t promising that the PlayStation 5 will be easily available until at least next year but it does seem as if stock will be relatively easy to get hold of this Christmas, or at least much more so than at launch or the beginning of this year.

There’s also likely to be more bundles as we get towards autumn, with the current Ratchet & Clank one already proving popular. Which means Sony are likely to go with a Horizon Forbidden West bundle next, since that’s their big game (as far as anyone knows) for this Christmas.

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