PS5, Xbox Scarlett Price Update: Good news revealed as key console feature is confirmed

Next-generation is hotting up, with both consoles expected to see huge boosts in visuals (up to 8K) and reductions in loading times.

In the interview with Wired that revealed much of the PlayStation 5’s tech specs, we heard about this reduction first-hand.

The PlayStation 4 Pro version of Spiderman (an excellent game packed with visual detail) takes 15 seconds to fast-travel from one area of the sizeable map to another, while the same transition takes 0.8 seconds on a PlayStation 5 development kit – quite the jump.

You can no doubt expect next years E3 2020 press conference to be laser-focused on PS5, especially after Microsoft’s opening salvo at this year’s conference where they confirmed their next console (Project Scarlett) will launch in the holiday period of 2020.

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