Psychonauts 2 Releases August 25

Psychonauts 2’s release date has been revealed as August 25 alongside a brand new trailer that showcases some new mental worlds and powers.

The trailer came as part of Microsoft’s E3 2021 conference, where Double Fine showed off some new gameplay and ended the trailer with the reveal of its release date.

The trailer also showcases some brand new gameplay sections, including Raz working together with the Aquato family for some acrobatics, and some more teases of the game’s main villain, who still hasn’t been properly revealed. Raz is also shown going into the Psychonauts HQ for the first time wearing his original outfit.

This release date might not come as too much of a surprise for people keeping up with Psychonauts. The game was accidentally made available for download through the Xbox App a month ago, and just last week Steam accidentally placed it in August on their upcoming releases list. That leak has now been proven true as Psychonauts 2 is coming this August.

Although Double Fine is now owned by Microsoft, Psychonauts 2 will also be releasing on PS4 due to it initially being crowdfunded on Fig. The game’s page on the Xbox App also revealed that it would have Xbox Series improvements.

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