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Join Wesley LeBlanc, Marcus Stewart, and Kyle Hilliard as we discuss Ra Ra Boom, an upcoming beat ’em up headed to PC this year. Wesley played through the demo multiple times, using each character to take down AI and robots alike. He, Marcus, and Kyle discuss the game’s visual style, use of lanes in combat, fully-voiced characters, and more. 

Enjoy roughly 12 minutes of all new Ra Ra Boom gameplay in the latest NGT below

In 2008, Chris Bergman, who later co-founded Gylee Games and worked as its CEO, bought the domain to raraboom.com. Today, that site takes you to the Steam page for Ra Ra Boom, the beat ’em up featured in our latest installment of New Gameplay Today. Gylee Games started work on the game back in 2019, before the resurgence of beat ’em up games, but Bergman is stoked about said resurgence. He calls it a “rising tides raise all ships” scenario. 

After playing through this demo multiple times, I’m excited for Ra Ra Boom’s full release. Its inclusion of lanes has fixed my largest problem with beat ’em ups: my inability to properly target and hit enemies. Add in the fully voiced characters, beautiful art style, fun cast of ninja cheerleaders, and an emphasis on story that’s somewhat rare in the genre, and I’m ready to smash some robots. 

Ra Ra Boom hits PC this fall.

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