Rainbow Six Extraction: How To Complete Every Objective Type

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While your main goal as an Operator working for the Rainbow Exogenous Analysis & Containment Team – also known as REACT – is to kill every Archaean you see, you'll also have other objectives to achieve. Every time you load into a new incursion in Rainbow Six Extraction, you'll be given a list of three objectives. If you're able to finish all of them, you'll get plenty of experience points that will help you reach new Milestones along Extraction's progress bar.

There are currently 13 different objectives you can be tasked with completing. With this guide, we'll go over all of them and show you how to get through each one with your team intact.


One of the first objectives you may receive is called Biopsy. This is essentially a stealth mission where you need to sneak up on a specific type of infected and use your REACT Blade to perform a stealth takedown on them. Somehow, this transmits data back to REACT via some kind of sci-fi hullabaloo.

Smoke Grenades or Stun Grenades are your friends for this type of mission as they'll provide a good enough distraction to allow you to go for the takedown. Vigil can also be handy for this objective type as his ability allows him to disrupt enemy senses. If all else fails, one member of the team can distract the enemy while another creeps up on them.


REACT has found a specific Archaean they want to study. However, you're not supposed to kill it as they need it to be alive. You need to find the Specimen and then lure them back to the Extraction Point. Recon tech or abilities will make it easy to locate the special infected that you're looking for. It'll usually be a tough enemy such as an Elite Smasher, so keep your distance. Only do damage to it to get its attention so it'll chase you.

When you've got it to follow you back to the Extraction Point, someone on the team will need to activate the trap, which will be done by using a nearby console. Yellow gas will knock out the Specimen and the objective will be completed.


This is sort of like the Specimen objective, although this time you get to actually kill the thing. There will be three special Archies that are somehow linked to the Elite Target you're after. Kill those special enemies and that will lure out the Elite. From there, fight it as you would normally fight any other enemy in the game. Kill it and move on to the next zone.


This is one of the simpler objectives that you may be given. A member of REACT – who is known as an asset for this mission – has become stranded in the middle of an infected zone. It's up to you and your squad to locate them and then guide them back to the Extraction Point. If you have a Recon Drone or are playing an Operator who has some kind of recon ability that lets them see VIPs, then you should be able to find this NPC rather easily. Be aware that enemies can attack the asset. If they take too much damage, you'll fail this objective.

After you find this person, you or a member of your team will escort them to be extracted. While they're with you, they'll occasionally cough, which can alert nearby enemies. This pretty much means that stealth is out of the question, so the other two squadmates need to cover you as you make a break for it. Once you get to the Extraction Point, load them into the Extraction Pod and that's that.

MIA Operator

This objective is similar to rescuing the asset, but it takes a lot more effort to succeed. The Operator will be covered in stasis foam and encased in an Archaean Tree, which is basically a big gooey structure with arms and tendrils. You'll need to pull the Operator free of the Tree. While someone is trying to get the Operator loose, the Tree will resist and bursts of energy called Cells will be delivered to it that will give it strength, Thus, this becomes a tug of war with one teammate pulling, while the other two shoot the Cells and any incoming Archies.

After the MIA Operator is freed from the Tree, you need to carry it to the Extraction Point and load it into the Extraction Pod.

No One Left Behind

Now this one is interesting as it's a situational objective. If someone on your team goes down twice their body gets covered in the aforementioned stasis foam. In order for that Operator to not be declared MIA, you or your other still-standing teammate need to pick up that body, haul it over to the Extraction Point, and load it into the Extraction Pod like you would during the Rescue or MIA Operator objectives. This one doesn't need to be done, but bringing your downed squad member back home is a very nice thing to do and gives you some extra XP. It also saves that player the effort of having to go back into that level to save their character.

Nest Tracking

You've no doubt seen the big, red, pulsating Nests that are scattered around every level. These will occasionally spit out new infected for you to deal with if they're not destroyed. While it's tempting to destroy them, for this objective you need to walk up to them and plant a tracking device on a certain number of Nests.

You're going to want to be stealthy while you do this as making too much noise alerts the Nests to what you're doing. If a Nest is alert, you can't place a tracking device on it. Pulse is perfect for this type of objective as his ability will locate any Nests in the area. When you plant all the devices, the Nests will just kind of implode, and you'll be done here.


Decontamination tasks you with destroying Aberrant Nests. These are different from the normal Nests in that they're green, and they explode leaving behind toxic gas when destroyed. After you smash the first Aberrant Nest, all the other ones will become alerted and begin producing new Achaeans for you to fight. As always, stick with your team for this as things can get hectic pretty quick with swarms of enemies coming at you from all angles.

Once you've taken care of all of the Aberrant Nests, you'll be asked to get a sample from a strange structure called the Malignant Neoplasm. This can only be done after all 15 Nests are demolished. When all the Aberrant Nests are gone, just walk up to the Neoplasm and jam your REACT Blade in it.

Serial Scan

Even though Rainbow Six Extraction is a zombie co-op shooter, the developer still managed to cram a traditional "Capture The Zone" objective type in there. To begin this mission, you need to find a device known as a Catalyst Emitter. It should be easy to spot as it looks like a camera sitting on a tripod that's spitting out lasers. Activate it, and you'll then need to go to three specified areas to complete the scans. These areas are a set of yellow panels on the floor in the shape of a square. Someone on the team needs to stand on these while a meter slowly fills up. If no one is on the panels, a countdown will begin. If it hits zero, you fail the mission.

As you may suspect, enemies will converge on your location while this is going on. It would be wise to stick together, reinforce the walls, and set up defensive tech like Claymores. Operators with defensive abilities like Jager or Tachanka will be effective here.


There will be three terminals known as Seismic Stations that are marked as A, B, and C. They need to be activated one after the other. Once A is turned on, a timer will begin. B and then C will need to be activated before the timer hits zero or this objective will fail. It's not a bad idea to find all the Stations before you start the countdown, although they will become clearly marked as yellow icons once the first terminal is switched on.

This is one of the few times in Extraction where splitting up may be beneficial as you need to be quick to get all of the terminals running. However, enemies will become very agitated by the commotion caused by activating these Stations, so only separate from your team if you're in a rush.


Time to blow something up. You'll need to find bio-organic structures known as Arch Spines – or "spine thingies" as Thermite calls them – and plant explosives on them. There are typically two of them during this objective. Once both Arch Spines have bombs on them, yet another countdown will begin. You'd think that you could just blow them up right away, but apparently, that's not how this works. From there, you need to protect the explosives from incoming Archies who will try to destroy them.

This is another objective type that favors the use of Operators with defensive abilities. Plant some Claymores or other defensive devices. The team will need to divide their attention between the two Arch Spines to ensure they both blow up. If either device is destroyed, the mission fails. Once the timer runs out, the bombs will detonate and destroy the Spines.


This time you're after another weird, bio-organic structure called a Nutrient Node. This thing makes Nests grow back even after you destroy them. To make all the Nests in the area go away forever, you need to plant three foam injectors on the Node to clog it up. You'll get these injectors from a dispenser attached to the Extraction Pod at the Extraction Point.

This one can be tough since Nest will continue to reform and spit out more Archeans. To make matters worse, when you're carrying an injector, you can only use your secondary weapon. Because of this, your team should move as a unit and each pick up one of the injectors. It's also still worth it to take out any Nests despite the fact that they'll come back. Bring them all to the Nutrient Node, place them all in the designated spots at the same time. Then just watch the foam do its job.


Finally, there's the Gateway objective, which is only available on the higher difficulty levels and will be the final objective of an incursion. You'll need to look around the level for an odd orb called a Singularity with a REACT touchscreen on it. Activate it to "release the Singularity" and you and your teammates will be sucked through a portal.

When you reach the other side, you'll have to kill a very strong enemy called a Protean. This baddie is more or less the main boss of Extraction. They'll take the form of an Operator and use the abilities of whomever it's copying. They'll also have attacks that will hit you like a truck and a massive health bar. As if that doesn't sound bad enough, gangs of other Archaeans will join the battle at certain points.

The key to surviving this fight is to keep moving. Proteans move fast and can teleport around you, so don't stay in one spot for too long. Keep an eye on it as it can easily sneak up on you.

You'd be advised not to tackle this objective or an incursion on a higher difficulty until you've leveled up most of your Operators. Someone in your squad should be playing an Operator that can heal like Doc or Finka. As for your loadout, you're going to need some strong weapons and tech to take this boss down. You may want to have a Field Wall equipped as your explosive as that can neutralize their ranged attacks. Otherwise, something that can do damage like a Fragmentation Grenade or stun them like a Stun Grenade will be helpful.

Once you deplete its health, your crew will be automatically extracted from the mission. Move as a team, eliminate any waves of enemies that appear, focus your fire on the Protean, and there's a chance that you may be able to make it home in one piece.

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