Rainbow Six Extraction Is Coming To Xbox Game Pass Day One

Rainbow Six Extraction is coming to Xbox Game Pass on launch day. It will be available across all subscription tiers, hitting both Game Pass for Xbox and PC on the same day, January 20.

The announcement is a sudden one, coming just shy of two weeks before launch day. It's not known why this move was made so last minute, but it appears to be part of a strong partnership between Ubisoft and Xbox, as Extraction isn't the only game mentioned in the announcement.

As well as bringing the latest Rainbow Six title to the service, the studio is also planning to make Ubisoft+ titles available on Xbox platforms "in the future". Rainbow Six Siege, which is currently playable on Xbox Game Pass, will go live on Game Pass for PC January 20 too, giving both Rainbow Six titles a huge player boost at the end of the month.

Despite being a day one Game Pass title, it isn't completely bad news for PlayStation owners. Extraction is still coming to PS4 and PS5, it will just have an upfront cost as usual. Even better, it's a much better price tag than we typically get, as it will retail for $39.99 as opposed to the previously revealed $60 – and your friends can even be invited to play for two weeks for free.

Rainbow Six Extraction was originally intended to launch with a very different title: Rainbow Six Quarantine. This wasn't a clever nod to the very real pandemic – it was just an unfortunate coincidence as development predated real-life lockdowns. It was also set to be with us in 2021, but ironically enough, COVID itself got in the way and, like many titles, it was pushed back into 2022. Now, about two-and-a-half years on from its reveal, it will be with us in just a couple of weeks.

Rainbow Six Extraction launched January 20. It will be available on Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, PS5, PC, and Amazon Luna.

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