Rainbow Six Siege Sugar Fright Halloween Event Begins October 27

Rainbow Six Siege has opted for a unique Halloween event this year, as you’ll be heading into the mind of Frost for some Sugar Fright shenanigans on October 27. The new event runs until November 10 and includes a new mode, new rewards, and a new (hilarious) art style.

According to a promo trailer released by Ubisoft, Halloween was Frost’s favorite holiday as a kid. Some of the fun was spoiled by her mom, however, who told her not to eat too many treats before going to bed – otherwise, she’d have spooky, sugar-induced nightmares. Rainbow Six Siege grasps onto that concept for the Sugar Fright event, an event that’s much less terrifying than some other Halloween events currently running in other games.

Sugar Fright gives operators a hilarious, almost puppet-like appearance, with skinny necks, oversized eyes, and gaping mouths. Beyond the new graphics are a bunch of unlockable weapon skins and Sugar Fright packs to turn your operator into a candy-themed menace.

You can check out the brief trailer below:

Here’s what Ubisoft said about the event: “Choose your puppet and satisfy your sweet tooth in this new in-game limited-time event! Collect the most candy dropped by your enemies to secure your victory as Tricksters or Treaters from October 27 – November 10.”

It also sounds like the event will let you respawn after dying, something we’ve never seen in Rainbow Six Siege. All told, the event is shaping up to be a lighthearted reprieve from the tense action seen throughout the rest of the title. And, with the chance to earn candy-themed skins, it’s the next best thing to real trick or treating.

Despite a crowded market, Rainbow Six Siege is still one of the most popular shooters around. Consistent updates to add new characters, maps, and gameplay tweaks ensures there is always something new for the community to explore – and this new event is bound to be popular with its growing playerbase.

Rainbow Six Siege’s Sugar Fright event begins on October 27 and runs until November 10.

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