Razer Investing In Eco-Friendly Toilet Paper For Earth Day

Razer already announced it’s taking steps to become carbon neutral by 2030, but the company recently revealed another surprisingly eco-friendly initiative. As part of the firm’s Razer Green Fund, it’s investing $50 million in The Nurturing Co – a company responsible for creating single-use, plastic-free bamboo toilet paper.

The move falls in line with the company’s ten-year sustainability roadmap, and will further foster a “green mindset amongst Razer’s community of youth, millennials, and Gen Z via selective strategic investments.” Razer hopes these investments will accelerate its sustainability initiatives and help reduce its global footprint.

“To kick off its new Green Fund initiative, Razer has completed a seed investment into The Nurturing Co. through zVentures,” reads the announcement. “The partnership will enable BAMBOOLOO (The Nurturing Co.’s sustainable toilet paper brand) to implement and supply bamboo toilet paper in some of Razer’s global offices, including the new, soon to open Southeast Asian Headquarters and Malaysia office, as part of Razer’s Green Organization plan to ensure that all of Razer’s office operations will be 100% carbon neutral.”

As part of the initiative, Razer will work with The Nurturing Co to help scale its business, while also continuing to invest in related business ventures. Toilet paper seems like an odd investment, but Razer’s already shown it’s all-in when it comes to reducing its environmental impact. Earlier this year, the company ran a campaign to help save 100 thousand trees – and is now on a mission to save over 1 million.

Bamboo toilet paper is a great step in that direction, as it requires significantly fewer resources than your standard roll of TP:

“Bamboo pulp has proven to be the sustainable choice for toilet papers. In addition to its growth speed, bamboo pulp requires 90% less water and 70% less carbon to produce as compared to wood pulp. By shifting to bamboo toilet paper, a family of four can save over 30,000 liters of water in a year. BAMBOOLOO helps consumers switch out of wood pulp paper products by offering bamboo-based toilet papers and other home care products.”

To learn more about Razer’s Green Fund initiative, check out its official website.

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