Red Dead Online: Best Vulture Hunting Locations

Turkey Vultures are one of the wide varieties of birds you’ll see see circling the skies in Red Dead Redemption 2, and at times you may have to hunt them down to fulfill different tasks in Red Dead Online.

As you may have suspected, vultures are most abundant in the deserts of New Austin, the arid climate being an advantageous feeding ground for scavengers like them. However, they can be found across the other states throughout the American West as well. Here are the best Vulture locations in RDR2 and RDO.

Best Vulture Locations

New Austin

  • You can find vultures scouring the land running east from the Sea of Coronado, in the deep southwest.
  • Following the land that runs between Rio Bravo and the Gaptooth Ridge region, there are several minor vulture spawns that occur along the border.
  • You may also check the town of Tumbleweed for vulture sightings.
  • Up north, you’re likely to find vultures scavenging around Ratherskeller Fork and spots along the land to the south and southwest.
  • Rio Bravo is another promising region for catching sight of vultures, the best location being the area directly east of Benedict Point.
  • The banks of the San Luis River southeast of Plainview and the patch of land nearly touching the shore have also been known to attract vultures.
  • There are pointed locations to the south, west, and northeast of Fort Mercer that are good for spotting vultures.
  • The islands off the eastern shores of Rio Bravo may also have a vulture or two scavenging away.
  • The land around Armadillo and following the train tracks north past Twin Rocks offers the best vulture sightings in Cholla Springs.
  • Aways north of Armadillo, there is a smaller vulture habitat.
  • Vultures can also be seen heading northeast of Armadillo across the northern region of Hennigan’s Stead.
  • South of Stillwater Creek may be worth a check if you’re still in need of a few vultures.

West Elizabeth

  • Across the border from the Manzanita Outpost, you’ll find West Elizabeth’s most prominent population of vultures in the Great Plains.
  • Directly north, you can find two other likely areas for vultures to spawn along the Upper Montana River. One bridges the border between the Tall Trees and Great Plains regions.
  • Following the Upper Montana River upstream, you’re likely to find another vulture or two patrolling just below the Owanjila.
  • From here, vultures tend to dot West Elizabeth’s northern region. Monto’s Rest and the land trailing north across Little Creek River is a good route to follow.
  • Near the Ambardino border, you may find another vulture or two around the Dakota River dividing West Elizabeth and New Hanover. They may be found on either side of the river.

New Hanover

  • Following the train tracks west from Flatneck Station, you may spot vultures to either side of the tracks leading to Bard’s Crossing.
  • Following the roads that branch off east from Flatneck Station will lead you to two separate vulture sightings near the border of Lemoyne.
  • The western region of the Heartland Overflow often has a vulture or two hanging about.
  • Vultures have been seen along the Kamassa River just above the Elysian Pool.
  • You may also spot vultures along the southernmost bend in the Kamassa River before it flows into Lemoyne.


  • The only area in the Bayou Nwa you’ll find vultures is on the small patch of land between the border of the Scarlett Meadows and the western bank of the Kamassa River.
  • Vultures have been seen along Dewberry Creek that flows over the New Hanover border from time to time.
  • If you’re still on the hunt for a vulture or two, you can try south of Braithwaite Manor at the bottom of the state.

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