Red Dead Online Earring Map Locations: All Madam Nazar Lost Jewelry collectibles

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    Red Dead Online players, as we're sure most know, the Frontier Pursuits update added a new discipline that allowed PS4, Xbox One and PC players the chance to become 'Collectors'.

    When you take the role of a Collector, you can find hundreds of items across the map and sell them off to Madam Nazar, the traveling saleswoman.

    Each week you’ll be given a new set of Weekly Collectibles which you need to hunt down for Madam Nazar – who isn’t easy to find in herself.

    As a side note, if you want to find Madam Nazar, you can follow this link.

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    One of the numerous collections you can locate across the map is for a variety of 'Necklaces'.

    But finding these dainty pieces of jewelry isn't easy and it's made even harder by the fact the item locations change every day following the games daily reset.

    This fixed spawn location for each item changes every day at 12am GMT (8pm ET/5pm PT).

    Thankfully, the industrious and insightful YouTube creator Dirty Tyler – who creates regular videos for Red Dead Redemption 2 and GTA 5 – has created a series of videos showing the locations of the Earrings for all 6 days.

    You can view the videos below together with various timestamps to help you locate any specific Earring on any given day.

    Red Dead Online Earring Locations

    Earring Locations Day 1:

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    Earring Locations Day 3:

    Red Dead Online Collector item locations
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  • Earring Locations Day 4:

    Earring Locations Day 5:

    Earring Locations Day 6:

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