Red Dead Online: How To Dual Wield

It’s an iconic western image — the heroic cowboy wielding two pistols, shooting down the villain and saving the day. Although the work of a cowboy wasn’t as glamorous as pop culture would have us believe, it’s historically accurate that many gunslingers in the old west loved to dual-wield their revolvers. As such, Red Dead Online would be foolish to not include this beloved shooting style in its world. And while it’s easy to accomplish this in Red Dead Redemption 2‘s Story Mode, it’s a bit trickier to do so online.

The first step towards becoming Wild Bill Hickok — the Prince of Pistoleers — is to level up to rank 25. There are a bunch of ways to go about this, but if you need some ideas as to how to quickly level up be sure to check out our leveling guide. Once you hit rank 25 you’ll be able to buy the Off Hand Holster.

You’ll find the Off Hand Holster for sale through the catalog, accessible by pressing Left on the D-Pad. Then, select Weapon Accessories. If you prefer personal interaction over ordering through a digital menu, you can go to your local Gun Shop to pick one up.

Although there are several different types of holsters available, at rank 25 you’re only eligible for the Horsemanship Holster. Its asking price is $8.50 — a small price to pay for the ability to dual-wield. Once purchased, open up your Weapons Wheel and pick the option that is depicted by two arrows near the top of the menu.

Dual-wielding is not only an iconic western gunslinging style, but it’s also a great way to increase damage output. Sure, you’re trading off a bit of precision by opting for a second gun, but for close range battles with a bunch of bad guys it’s a great option.

Although dual-wielding isn’t readily available for beginners in Red Dead Online, it isn’t too difficult to acquire the Off Hand Holster. By the time you reach rank 25 you’ll be an expert gunslinger who is ready to take on a second weapon.

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