Redditor Catches Teammate Dropping From 5 Story Building In Warzone For An Unbelievable Revive

During a heated match of Call of Duty: Warzone, a Redditor managed to catch his injured teammate who dropped from 5-story building, resulting in an unbelievable revive. His buddy went down on top of a roof and decided to make a jump for it – leaving “MooseVI” in charge of the risky save.

In Moose’s clip, he sees his downed buddy on top of a building and positions himself directly under him. Despite vocal opposition, the injured mad-lad makes a desperation dive off of the roof – only to be caught in a telekinetic web of safety.

Apparently Moose was a student of Professor X, because he managed to levitate the downed player safely to the ground, reviving him in midair. The downed teammate must have truly believed in Moose’s supernatural abilities – otherwise he would’ve insta-died from the fall damage.

The timing window to required to pull of this revival stunt is extremely narrow. Mistiming the key press by even a few milliseconds could result in a teammate’s unintentional suicide. However, when timed perfectly, players can get a downed ally back in the fight and defy the laws of gravity simultaneously.

Warzone has only been out for a few days, yet players are already performing crazy moves left and right. Another Redditor fought an intense battle while on the hood of a moving car, creating a scene similar to that of a Hollywood movie. In a different game, Jerbear110591 threw a C4 directly in front of a speeding vehicle, instantly killing a full squad of 3.

The new free-to-play game mode is not without it’s glitches, however, as players have reported crashes and bugs. Often, players will experience “dev errors” – crashes that have been acknowledged by the developers and are currently being fixed. As far as bugs, kill credit discrepancies and gas mask animation glitches are ailing players.

The good news for Activision is that players seem to be taking to the new release in droves, over 15 million players participating in the BR action. Although there are some known issues, the game is quite stable overall. If the devs continue to iron out the kinks, Warzone should have no problem sustaining its already massive playerbase.

Sources: Reddit, Twitter

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