Redfall Community Angry Over Denuvo And Always-Online Feature

It was recently announced that Redfall would unfortunately require you to constantly be online while playing, even if you just want to play it on your own. This has pissed off a lot of people, with many even saying they won't be playing or buying the game as originally planned.

As first spotted by GamesRadar, gamers took to the Redfall subreddit to denounce the feature that will ensure you have to stay online to enjoy this co-op vampire FPS. MrDubTee created a post and wrote, "Interested in community feedback but personally I hate this."

"Well there goes my plan for buying it," replied AlexTheEnderWolf. "Was going to buy it. Not buying anymore", wrote AgitatedQuit3760. It'll be available on Game Pass, so people can still give it a try at no extra cost if they like, but this may hurt PC sales, especially due to the Denuvo DRM.

Denuvo has proved controversial with gamers after it was revealed that the anti-cheat software actually slows down games. When people are shelling out thousands on the best PCs, graphics cards, and SSDs, it's no wonder they want the highest performance possible.

On another post dedicated to the issue, people have pointed out that even if your internet connection is stable 100 percent of the time, there's no guarantee Redfall's servers will be. Any issue with Arkane, Bethesda, Xbox, or Steam and you won't even be able to play the game single-player. This could also mean that in the future when the devs eventually decide to shut the servers down, if they don't release an update that takes away the DRM, you'll be left with a useless disc or file you can never use again.

This is an unfortunately common practice, even for single-player games or titles with large solo components. Most notable in recent history is Gran Turismo 7, which also drew ire from players for the shoddy anti-consumer rules.

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