Replay – Alien: Resurrection

In 1997, french auteur filmmaker Jean-Pierre Jeunet wedged a film written by Joss Whedon between his mesmerizing The City of Lost Children and the delightful Amélie. That film was, of course, Alien: Resurrection. It was … weird.

A video game based on the film released three years later from developer Argonaut Games (Star Fox, Croc) and it fared about as well critically as the film that inspired it. It had a few things going for it, though, like dual-analog FPS controls on the original PlayStation and some legitimate scares. If you watch the video you will see both of those game elements in action!

For the Roulette portion of Replay this week, we play arguably the most forgettable game ever released for one of the biggest franchises in the world.

Every week, Game Informer editors enter the vault and dust off games from every genre and platform imaginable. Watch Replay to relive fond (and not so fond) memories from gaming’s past.

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