Replay – Skate 3

What’s up, skaters? Or is thrashers? Or rollers? Or wheelers? Or…hell…I don’t know what you call yourselves these days. I’m an old-school skating fan, so I don’t have much credibility in the sport now, but Leo Vader sure does. He hops into the hosting seat this week to show off Skate 3, a series that everyone wants back, but EA just doesn’t want to make yet. In this lengthy look we dive into various aspects of the game, and even show off how it inspired Anthem. No, we’re not joking. We found the inspiration point for Anthem. You’d think it would be something science-fiction based, but nope, it was Skate 3.

In our second segment, we dedicate roughly 15 minutes to Monster House, a game based on the theatrical release that starts slow, but ends up impressing us in the end. Enjoy the episode, which I think has the best camera work and editing in Replay history.

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