Report: PS5 Makes Users Delete Profanity When Sharing To Twitter

Sony wants to wash your mouth out with soap – at least, on Twitter.

Users have uncovered that the PS5’s share functionality houses an internal profanity filter, and doesn’t allow players to share certain posts from PS5 to Twitter. Furthermore, some have found that the filter doesn’t always work as intended – flagging posts that don’t have any actual profanity.

What’s strange is that this isn’t actually a listed feature on the PlayStation 5’s parental controls, and from the look of it, can’t be turned off. At least, that’s what I found from my own investigation, where I took these pictures:

Again – I couldn’t find any way to disable this in the PS5’s settings. Sony hasn’t made any indication that this functionality is in every single unit.

It’s a strange move from the company, to say the very least, and sets an alarming precedent going forward. The censorship of discriminatory epithets is one thing, but cracking down on everyday profanity is entirely different. These are words that people use in casual conversation, not taboo terms or sayings that hurt anyone.

Furthermore, the ethicality of this practice really comes into question. There’s something insidious about a privately owned platform holder applying this filter when sharing to another corporation’s privately owned platform. It’s especially strange when taking into account that Twitter doesn’t actually censor these words on there.

In essence, Sony is telling players how to play by their interpretation of somebody else’s playbook, as opposed to the actual rules and regulations of another platform. It’s curating the way consumers, who spent $500 (at least) on one of these things, use the platform to an alarming degree.

We’ll be reaching out to Sony for comment.

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