Reshade Makes Spider-Man: Miles Morales Look Like Into The Spider-Verse

Spider-Man: Miles Morales launched on PC earlier this month, so naturally there are already a number of mods you can download and apply to the game. However, none that have come before are quite as striking as this reshade that makes the game look like an Into The Spider-Verse spinoff.

Created by dontcareeeeeeee, and available right now through Nexus Mods, the ITSV Reshade mod turns Spidey's New York City into the version you'd have seen in Into The Spider-Verse. Or at least as close as you can get in video game form since the critically acclaimed animated movie doesn't have a game of its own. It also makes sense that the mod was saved for Miles Morales since the younger version of the web-slinger is the movie's lead character.

What is otherwise a quite dingy-looking version of NYC in the base game, especially at night, is brought to life by bright interactive billboards and hundreds of lit-up, animated windows across the game's many skyscrapers. The reshade can be appreciated from any angle, as demonstrated in the video below, but you really get a feel for its Spider-Verse transformation when perched on a roof or a high vantage point looking down.

There are any number of mods available for both Marvel's Spider-Man and Miles Morales, many of which alter the hero rather than their surroundings. It's refreshing to see a modder take on the task of altering the way the backdrop is depicted rather than simply giving Peter a new suit or turning him back into the original voice actor. That being said, the mod that turns Spidey into Gotham Knights' review score is pretty amusing.

It has been almost four years since Into The Spider-Verse hit cinemas, and the wait for a sequel is hopefully almost over. Across The Spider-Verse is still slated to be here in 2023, and then Beyond The Spider-Verse in 2024. The two movies being made simultaneously may explain why the wait for a sequel has been so long but the gap between movies two and three will be just one year.

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