Resident Evil 4 Fans Are Mixed About The Remake’s Character Redesigns

Following the gameplay showcase last night, Resident Evil fans are a little mixed about the character redesigns in Resident Evil 4 Remake, with particular focus being put on Luis and Salazar.

Capcom gave us our best look yet at Resident Evil 4 Remake last night, showcasing several minutes of gameplay and then debuting a story trailer. Although the general response has been as positive as it was for the past few Resident Evil remakes (read – incredibly positive), the community is a little more split about the character redesigns that were shown in the trailer.

Main man Leon mostly looks the same as he did in the original game, albeit with his model from Resident Evil 2 Remake, but a lot of the other characters have been noticeably changed, including Luis, Salazar, and even Ashley.

By far the most hate is going towards Luis, a character that many found to be attractive and charming in the original Resident Evil 4, but is now being ugly. Bit harsh, but he certainly looks different to how he did before. One fan on Twitter sums half of the argument up nicely, saying, "Dude what the fuck did they do to my boy Luis??". Of course, some still find him attractive despite the design change, with another, hornier, fan saying, "re showcase was crazy I need luis BADLY idgaf what u guys say he's fine as fuck".

Another character that's been given a big redesign is Salazar, one of the more iconic villains in Resident Evil 4. Although the Napoleon inspiration is still clear, Salazar now has a white wig instead of a hat and physically looks much older, having previously resembled a young child instead of a man. The redesign here is a bit more positively received, with one fan noting, "Salazar went from Captain Crunch to Founding Father".

Out of the redesigned characters, Ashley is the one getting the least amount of discussion, although it's still there. Some fans don't like her new outfit, with some arguing that it makes her look too posh and a little less like she was just kidnapped out of nowhere. Other fans have pointed out that Ashley's ears are now much more hidden compared to how she looked in the original release. Don't even get us started on the people talking about ballistics, we're better off not going there.

Of course, this is far from the first time that Resident Evil has redesigned its characters. One notable example is series mainstay Chris Redfield, who has had about three different designs over the years, going from normal soldier boy in the early games to boulder-punching walking muscle in Resident Evil 5 and then all the way to getting a completely different face for some reason in Resident Evil 7.

The Resident Evil remakes have naturally made quite a few design changes to characters, but Resident Evil 4 Remake definitely seems to be doing it the most out of any of the remakes so far. Carlos being given a perm isn't quite the same as Salazar almost looking like a completely different character.

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