Resident Evil 4 Remake Reveals That Leon Would Spent $1,500 On A Jacket

Turns out the US Government pays pretty well…at least if you are Leon Kennedy. After this week’s State of Play confirmed that a Resident Evil 4 Remake is on the way, fans have been dissecting the short footage shown. One thing some viewers have discovered is that Kennedy’s upgraded jacket is real and can be purchased. You just need an extra $1500 to make it yours.

Over on Reddit (thanks IGN), user redgrave187 started a thread to comment on a disclaimer shown in the Resident Evil 4 Remake footage. Under the PS5 and Capcom logos, is a note that reads “Leon’s brown sheepskin leather bomber jacket appears with permission from Schott NYC”. The poster then did a little bit of digging and found the jacket on the clothing brand’s website. Now anyone can rock the Leon Kennedy look in real-life.

However, looking as good as Leon while you slay parasitic zombie creatures and rescue the President’s daughter is not cheap. Turns out Mr. Kennedy dropped a cool $1495 to rock the brown sheepskin bomber shown in the game. It really begs the question of how much his salary is as a zombie hunter/US agent and what kind of training is required to make that kind of dough.

While Leon went with the traditional brown, the jacket comes in a variety of colors/styles, including a classic all ebony and a brown with gold trim. Perhaps we will see him rock different variations of the jacket as the game progresses or even in some add-on costumes. After all, Capcom loves to play dress-up with their Resident Evil characters.

Beyond Leon’s outrageous wardrobe budget, the footage for the remake gives only a small taste of what fans can expect. The upgraded graphics seem to create a more menacing atmosphere than the original. Although, that is to be expected as it is rumored to be taking inspiration from the scrapped Resident Evil 4 demos and developing a darker and spookier tone. Luckily, we won’t have to wait too long to experience all this remake has to offer as it is expected on March 24.

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