Resident Evil 4 Remake Was Going To Bring Back The Chainsaw Controller

Cast your mind back to the mid 00's. Big game companies like Nintendo, Sega, and many others were experimenting with gaming peripherals, releasing controllers shaped like bongos, maracas, and bowling balls to try and make their games seem a lot more quirky and fun. Capcom was one of the more infamous companies to get involved in the trend, creating the legendary chainsaw controller we all know and love to for the release of Resident Evil 4.

While the trend died a pretty long time ago, that hasn't stopped Capcom from wanting to bring back its chainsaw controller for the release of Resident Evil 4 Remake on March 24. In a rapid-fire interview with Game Informer, Resident Evil 4 Remake director Yasuhiro Ampo and producer Yoshiaki Hirabayashi revealed that they wanted to bring back the chainsaw controller but were "already putting everything we had into development of the game."

If you're slightly disappointed that you won't get to wield a chainsaw to control Leon Kennedy, there's the slight possibility that the chainsaw controller could be made in the future if the opporunity arises. Hirabayashi makes sure to leave to door slightly open for those excited about the idea by saying that Capcom can "look into that some other time if there's a future opportunity."

Quite how a next-gen chainsaw controller would work or even function is completely unknown, but that's a problem for Capcom to solve. Maybe they could take some lessons from PlayStation and give us a controller with some ridiculous haptic feedback and chunky adaptive triggers to make us truly feel like we're wielding a chainsaw.

Aside from the whole chainsaw business, the rest of the video also contains a bunch of funny little tidbits about Resident Evil 4 Remake that will likely get a giggle out of fans. For example, it's revealed that the game will follow the events of Resident Evil 2 Remake, where Leon stores his massive briefcase full of weaponry when he's walking around, and that you get snake meat when you kill snakes this time around instead of chicken eggs. Unplayable.

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