Resident Evil 7: How To Get Every Unlockable In Not A Hero

A thematic reboot at its core, Resident Evil 7’s main story tries to downplay action in the spirit of the original Resident Evil. The Spencer Mansion had its fair share of zombies, but the first Resident Evil was mainly a puzzle game that emphasized exploration and tone over pure combat. The same can be said for Resident Evil 7, heavily downplaying the action that came to define the franchise between Resident Evil 4 and Resident Evil 6.

At the same time, Resident Evil 7 doesn’t disconnect itself from its predecessors. It’s still a narrative sequel to the games that came before (albeit far more subtle than usual) and Chris Redfield (the closest thing Resident Evil has to a main character these days) is reintroduced at the very end of the story to help Ethan defeat the final boss.

Not A Hero picks up immediately after the events of Resident Evil 7 and switches control to Chris’ perspective. Far more action packed than the main game, Not A Hero keeps RE7’s identity intact while playing up action along with combat based unlockables. Chris isn’t Ethan. He’s a super soldier with decades of experience and Not A Hero plays up that fact.

Professional Mode

These days, Resident Evil has mastered the art of having multiple difficulty modes. Rather than just bumping up enemy health and reducing how much ammo players have access to, modern Resident Evil games actually remix their gameplay entirely on higher difficulties. Upon completing Not A Hero on a Normal playthrough, you’ll unlock Professional Mode.

Much like Madhouse Mode remixed the original Resident Evil 7’s enemy and item layouts – leading to a far harder experience that preyed on player familiarity – Not A Hero’s Professional Mode goes one step further by stripping Chris of all his weapons (save his knife) at the start of the game. Not only are there more Molded (including Fumers) to fight through, you’ll need to track down all your equipment.

There are also more tripwire traps in Professional, requiring a better understanding of the level design. Not A Hero goes from an action packed and cathartic finale for Resident Evil 7 into one of the singlest hardest gameplay sections in the game. Completing Professional is a proof of one’s mastery over RE7.

Thor’s Hammer Sight B

Thor’s Hammer is Chris’ Shotgun in Not A Hero. Unlike the Shotguns players can obtain in Resident Evil 7 proper, Thor’s Hammer is extremely powerful and has a massive clip that ensures players can drop Molded before they ever get to Chris. Completing Not A Hero on a Normal playthrough unlocks Thor’s Hammer Sight B.

When equipped, Thor’s Hammer Sight B replaces the scope on Chris’ Shotgun. Sight B has worse accuracy than Sight A, but it packs a far harder punch – dealing an extreme amount of damage to Molded. Thor’s Hammer Sight B is comparable to the Albert-01R in the main game, in the sense that both are technically unwieldy but make up for this with extra damage.

Fast Walk

Much like Ethan’s unlockable Walking Shoes in the main game, Fast Walk is a passive item that – when left in the inventory – increases Chris’ walk and crouch speed. Fast Walk has no effect on running, but the extra speed Chris gets to his stride is particularly helpful in getting through Not A Hero without needing to rush past Molded.

Fast Walk can be unlocked by obtaining all 10 Antique Coins in Not A Hero. After beating the game, the Fast Walk will be in Chris’ inventory. For anyone wanting to tackle Professional Mode, it’s advisable to unlock Fast Walk beforehand. The item isn’t the most useful, but it does undeniably lend a hand.

Easy Deflect

Not A Hero isn’t especially long. A first playthrough can comfortably clock in at roughly two hours (if that). The game essentially paces itself as a full area from Resident Evil 7, which is really all that’s needed from NAH. A new technique Chris has over Ethan is his ability to Deflect Molded. If players press L1 right before a Molded strikes, Chris will be able to counterattack on the spot.

Easy Deflect can be unlocked by completing a playthrough in under an hour. When stored in Chris’ inventory, Easy Deflect makes it so the timing to Deflect isn’t as air-tight. This allows less reflex-blessed players to make use of the mechanic accordingly without pulling their hair out every time they end of guarding a hit instead.

Infinite Ammo

Just like with Madhouse Mode in Resident Evil 7, the reward for completing Professional Mode in Not A Hero is Infinite Ammo. This is easier said than done naturally, and most players will likely want to unlock everything in Not A Hero before they even try unlocking Infinite Ammo through Professional Mode.

Unfortunately, as Infinite Ammo is the last major unlock in Not A Hero, it doesn’t have much gameplay utility other than making replays an absolute breeze. That said, it is fun ripping through Professional Mode with a never ending stash of ammunition.

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