Resident Evil Village: 10 Things You Never Knew About Heisenberg

Resident Evil Village is brimming with memorable villains. Every big bad you come across has its own distinct personality, abilities, and motivations. It is impressive to see such fleshed-out characters in a game you can beat in about eight hours. The last of the four lords you fight is Heisenberg, a scientist with the impressive ability to manipulate metal.

He has a personal bone to pick with Miranda and tries to recruit Ethan Winters to his cause, but the protagonist refutes the offer. The following list dives deeper into the character, showcasing facts only the most dedicated of Resident Evil sleuths found.

10 He Somehow Knows About The Fight Between Wesker And Chris

Once Chris Redfield destroys Heisenberg’s factory during the boss fight, Heisenberg refers to him as a “boulder punching” person. This is a direct reference to Chris punching a boulder in Resident Evil 5 during the final boss fight.

How in the world did Heisenberg know about this? Is this simply a reference for fans or does the Megamycete also know about what the Uroboros does?

9 His Voice Actor Is Nicholai From Resident Evil 3

Heisenberg is voiced by Neil Newbon in Resident Evil Village. Fans of the series have already heard his voice as Nicholai from the Resident Evil 3 remake. At least Heisenberg is a tad more sympathetic, but he still is irredeemably evil.

The series is no stranger to reusing voice actors for different characters. Nicole Tompkins plays Jill Valentine in the Resident Evil 3 remake as well as one of Lady Dimitrescu’s daughters.

8 He Is Modeled After Joel Hicks

It’s not uncommon for video games to scan actors’ faces for in-game models. For Heisenberg, they used model Joel Hicks. It may be hard to recognize the two as similar people, however, since Heisenberg has a lot of facial hair, wears a hat, glasses, and a large coat.

Joel Hicks is also a model for a reason, and it is difficult to imagine Heisenberg posing for shots on the beach underneath all that clothing, insanity, and evil experimentation.

7 Just Why Does He Hate Mother Miranda?

If you go through the game without reading the documents, it is never quite clear exactly why Heisenberg hates Mother Miranda. One major reason, revealed in a document, for his hatred towards her is the nature of the experiments. He feels the Cadou took away his dignity. Even though it gave him great powers, it also enslaved him to Mother Miranda.

It is interesting to think Heisenberg hates that he was experimented on so much, even though he experiments on others so frequently.

6 One Of His Creations Is The Subject Of Controversy

Before fighting Heisenberg, Ethan takes on Sturm, a freakish abomination with a plane motor for a head. This design has been the subject of a small controversy since Dutch filmmaker Richard Raaphorst accused Capcom of plagiarizing the design from his film, Frankenstein’s Army.

The general idea of the monster is the same, though there are aesthetic differences between the two. Whether any legal action is taken has yet to be seen.

5 His Father Was Originally The Boss

Originally Ethan was going to interact with the entire Heisenberg family. Concept art shows designs for his father and the revelation of him being the last boss of the game. Once the family was taken out of the picture, Heisenberg was turned into the boss.

These are far from the only characters cut from Resident Evil Village. Concept art shows more villagers with larger roles in the story and even Ada Wong.

4 He Originally Had A Twin

Not only was Heisenberg originally not the main villain of the Heisenberg family, but he was also not even one person. Concept art shows him depicted as twins.

The look of both siblings was also completely different, only resembling the final Heisenberg in name. The hat, hammer, and beard of the final appearance make for a significantly more menacing villain. We wonder what the boss fight would have been versus the siblings.

3 The Boss Design Is Based On The Splendid Royale Moth Caterpillar

According to the concept art within the game, Heisenberg’s transmogrification was based on the Splendid Royale Moth Caterpillar. It is interesting to think of someone’s final form being based on a caterpillar, because the animal itself is simply the first stage of a three-phase process of life for moths and butterflies.

All the same, these caterpillars are particularly unsettling to look at and would be downright terrifying if they were the size of Heisenberg during the boss fight. Although at least they cannot manipulate metal.

2 His Human Design Is Based On Dr. Frankenstein

The description of one of the concept art pieces says Heisenberg’s design was heavily inspired by Dr. Frankenstein. It is not a stretch to believe this, either, especially after venturing through his factory.

The character creates abominations in the name of science and performs all manner of disturbing experiments. We missed the scene in Frankenstein where the doctor transforms into a giant monster, however.

1 His Mother Was Originally In The Game

The same concept art showing Heisenberg as twins also has them standing next to a woman with her brain exposed. This was meant to be their mother and the two siblings were to experiment on her.

She was sick, but the art never describes what ailment was. Even seeing this old woman with her brain visible in a drawing is sickening; seeing it rendered in the gorgeous RE Engine would have been too much for some to handle.

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