Resident Evil Village DLC Trailer Shows Off Playable Lady Dimitrescu

The hugely successful Resident Evil series continued last year through Village, an installment that proved to be incredibly popular for a number of reasons. Perhaps the biggest of those reasons, quite literally, was Lady Dimitrescu. Resident Evil's first vampire stands at well over nine feet tall, and in Village's DLC, you will get the chance to step into her presumably massive shoes.

Capcom announced Village's Gold Edition last month but added to its hype this week by revealing a new trailer for the special version of the game that will include a fair bit of DLC. Labeled The Winters' Expansion, which will be available separately if you already own the base game, the DLC will be made up of a new chapter in Village's story, third-person mode, and an update to Mercenaries.

Ther Mercenaries update is called Additional Orders, and it gives you the choice to assume the roles of a number of different characters from Village, including Dimitrescu. As you can see, the lady vampire's unique set of abilities makes short work of the enemies you'll come up against. While Dimitrescu is the Mercenaries update headliner, you will also be able to play as Heisenberg and Chris Redfield once the DLC drops.

Some players might question whether there's much point in being Dimitrescu in a first-person game when her appeal is rooted in her towering appearance. Well, the Winters' Expansion has you covered there too. The Gold Edition, or DLC, will also include a third-person mode. That means not only can you feel what it would be like to be a nine-foot-tall vampire, but you will also be able to see her the entire time if you choose.

Last but not least, the additional story content being added to Village when the DLC drops on October 28 is called Shadows Of Rose. Set way after the events of Village, you will be tasked with guiding Ethan's daughter Rose as she struggles to come to terms with her powers. Exciting times for Resident Evil fans who also have Re: Verse and a Resident Evil 4 remake to look forward to.

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