Resident Evil Village Is Already The Second Best-Selling Game Of 2021

After only one month on the market, Resident Evil Village has become the second best-selling game of 2021.

New releases are coming thick and fast, and with a new game topping the charts with each passing week, it’s hard to gauge which ones are performing better than others. However, more and more evidence continues to surface proving that of all the titles released so far in 2021, Resident Evil Village is performing better than any other.

The most concrete evidence of that was released this week courtesy of NPD. Village was the best-selling game on both PlayStation and Xbox in May, the game’s launch month. Probably unsurprising to most as it was by far the biggest game to hit the market in May. However, after just one month of sales, Village has already become the second best-selling game of 2021 so far.

That’s including both new releases and games already on the market when 2021 got underway, as is evidenced by the game in number one. The only title to have shifted more copies so far this year is Black Ops Cold War. Other games to have been released this year to make the top ten thus far include Super Mario 3D World, Monster Hunter: Rise, and Outriders.

Considering the numbers Capcom has made public in regard to Village sales so far, it’s unsurprising that the game is already doing so well. Village sold three million copies during its opening weekend and has since increased that total to four million. The hope is that it will surpass Resident Evil 7 to become the best-selling Resident Evil game ever, but it still has a long way to go.

Whether it will remain in second place until the end of the year seems unlikely, though. Black Ops Cold War will tighten its stranglehold on first place while games just below Village like Mario Kart 8 Deluxe will see their sales remain consistent. Barring the game going on a pretty major sale, Village’s numbers will continue to rise at a much slower rate than major titles released prior to 2021. It also has the likes of Rift Apart to contend with now, not to mention the big releases still to come throughout the second half of the year.

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