Resident Evil Village Shadows Of Rose DLC Arrives In October

Resident Evil Village will get its first DLC expansion, Shadows of Rose, alongside a new game mode and third-person camera options for the base game on October 28.

Capcom's Summer Game Fest Showcase revealed bid news coming for Resident Evil Village. Shadows of Rose will pick up years after the events of Village with Ethan's daughter Rose taking the lead. Rose apparently manifests strange powers to enter a mysterious realm of consciousness where she not only has to fight deadly creatures born of her own mind but also the very landscape itself.

Rose's story will be told in the third-person, which also becomes a new option for the base Resident Evil Village. Ethan's third-person camera mode has long been requested by fans of the Resident Evil series, and now Ethan will be able to fight off vampires, werewolves, and various other monstrosities with a camera floating above his shoulder.

Shadows of Rose will also come with a new horde-based game mode. The Mercenaries makes its return from past Resident Evil games, placing players in control of supercharged characters fighting against waves of monsters. Resident Evil Village's Mercenaries include Chris Redfield, Karl Heisenberg, and the deadly Lady Dimitrescu, each with their own special abilities that will make Ethan feel like the frail human that he is.

A new Gold edition of Resident Evil Village will be available the same day as Shadows of Rose that will let new players dive into the full game and its new DLC. Capcom also reminded us of the PSVR 2 version of RE: Village coming, as well as a brand-new Mac port coming as well. Capcom also surprised us with some current-gen updates for the first three Resident Evil remakes, and some new footage of Resident Evil 4 Remakes opening moments.

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