Resident Evil Village VR Mode Will Launch With PlayStation VR2 As Free DLC

Resident Evil Village’s VR mode will hit PlayStation VR2 the day the new VR platform launches, and it will be available as free DLC to anyone who owns Village on PlayStation 5. Those who own the Gold Edition of Village will get it for free, as well. 

You will need, however, the $549.99 PSVR2 hardware in order to check out this new mode for Village, as its name suggests. The VR mode isn’t just a slice of Village; you can play through the entire campaign in this new (probably horrifying) way. And you can do so the day you bring home your PSVR2 system. 

“A deeper and more captivating adventure awaits with PlayStation VR2, as Ethan Winters’ journey takes full advantage of the headset’s advanced features,” a press release reads. “VR Mode utilizes the 4K HDR display, eye tracking, and 3D audio to make Resident Evil Village more realistic and intense than ever.”

Capcom says the platform’s PSVR2 Sense controllers will add even more immersion to the new mode. 

“These [controllers] represent Ethan’s famously resilient hands and allow intuitive actions to be performed in-game,” Capcom writes in a press release. “Players can hold up their arms to guard against enemies that get too close for comfort. Weapons all feel tangibly more realistic in VR Mode with new gameplay elements that dial up the immersion, such as dual wielding and natural motion controls for reloading firearms and brandishing knives.” 

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