Return To Monkey Island "Unlikely" To Be The End Of The Series

Return To Monkey Island launched last week following months of build and probably a little more discourse about its art style than it deserved. The wait between the latest and the last Monkey Island games was a long one, and while its fans were previously made to believe Return might be the last in the series, its creator has now given them renewed hope.

Return To Monkey Island isn't the longest game in the world. Chances are some have finished it already, potentially playing through it multiple times to make sure they have seen everything the game has to offer. Already needing to know what's next, someone on Twitter asked Monkey Island creator Ron Gilbert if Return really is the end.

“Was #ReturnToMonkeyIsland the final chapter of the series? Was it the end? I need to know that,” the Monkey Island fan asked Gilbert over the weekend. His response? “Unlikely that it was the end .” The reply sent Monkey Island Twitter into something of a frenzy. Even The Game Awards replied to Gilbert's tweet, posting a gif of Michael Scott insinuating that they want to make sure they haven't misunderstood.

Other replies include requests regarding where fans would like the series to go next. A return to Plunder Island appears to be a popular option, as is the opportunity to explore Mire Island. Some fans have admitted their surprise at Disney's desire to continue a pirate-themed series when it already has one of its own. Return To Monkey Island was even featured during Disney's recent game showcase which was a very welcome surprise.

The reason Monkey Island fans are so surprised Gilbert has hinted this isn't the end for the series is due to the description of the latest game during the build to its launch. Return To Monkey Island was described as the conclusion of a series that has been running for more than 30 years. There was a 13-year gap between the last Monkey Island games though, so even if there is more to come, it might be a while.

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