Return To Monkey Island Will Be "The Subject Of Master’s And PhD Thesis In Times To Come"

Return to Monkey Island will be "the subject of Master's and PhD thesis in times to come" according to former Lucasfilm Games designer Noah Falstein.

Falstein recently took part in an interview with YouTuber Cressup, where he talked about his work at Lucasfilm Games, the possibility of a remaster of Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis, and about his time playtesting the recently announced Return to Monkey Island. Although Falstein obviously can't say too much about the game, he does give it some heavy praise already and says that it'll be the subject of Master's and PhD thesis in the future.

Falstein said, "And the thing that amazed me most I experienced in the first ten minutes of the game and I can't talk about it because… Ron and Dave managed to do something I would have thought was impossible in terms of storytelling and they pull it off I think admirably.

It'll be worth the wait even if people are raving about parts they don't like. Because this will certainly excite. There's plenty in there to discuss for years to come."

He continued, "I actually had a kind of a vision as I was looking at this and thinking about some of the elements of storytelling in it. That, at the Game Developers conference every year they now do a poster session for students who have been studying games and they will talk about a game and they, you know, are analysing it and I realized what they have done with Return to Monkey Island I fully expect will be the subject of Master's and PhD thesis in times to come."

Considering how little we've seen of Return to Monkey Island, we don't really have any clue what Falstein might be referring to right now. Some Monkey Island fans have speculated that Falstein is referring to the way that Return to Monkey Island will unite the timelines of the various Monkey Island games, but we won't know until the full game has released.

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