Returnal: How To Get Inside The House (And What You’ll Find Inside)

The House is certainly an ominous structure in Returnal. When it first appears, you won’t be able to get inside and unlock any of its secrets. However, since you find it on almost every run in the Overgrown Ruins, you will always feel its presence.

This guide will cover everything you need to know to get inside the House in Returnal, and also explore what you will find inside.

What Is The House In Returnal?

The 20th-century house is a building that you will find whilst exploring the Overgrown Ruins. It is clearly relevant to Selene, as she frequently comments on its significance and wonders why the house has appeared on Atropos.

The House ties heavily into Returnal’s main storyline. It will help you discover how Selene ended up on Atropos, as well as exploring the relevance of the Astronaut. If you haven’t seen the Astronaut yet, go inside the crashed ship where Selene starts each cycle and go to sleep.

How Do You Get Inside The House In Returnal?

To get inside the house, you need to find the house key. This is a permanent item in Returnal, so you only need to find it once. Then, you will be able to enter the house at various moments to uncover more of the mystery surrounding Atropos.

To find the house key, you first need to reach the end of the Overgrown Ruins biome and defeat Phrike. Then, you must make your way to the Crimson Wastes, which is the second biome in Returnal.

After going to the Crimson Wastes, you need to wait until you die and respawn back at the crashed ship.

  • You can’t find the house key until after you die, so just keep pushing forward until the cycle restarts.

When you wake up at the crashed ship, start exploring the Overgrown Ruins again. When you find the house, you will see that the house key is on the floor nearby.

What Is Inside The House In Returnal?

Inside the house, you will enter a first-person perspective. This will instantly feel reminiscent of survival horror games, like Resident Evil Village. However, you don’t need to worry about any jump scares the first few times you enter. The fourth and fifth sequences start to get quite creepy though, so be prepared for some jumps later on.

There are various items that you can interact with, such as photo frames and books. These all build on the overarching story, so interact with everything that you find. The green circles in the UI indicate what you can investigate whilst exploring.

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