Rockstar Is Giving GTA Online Players A Week To Earn $2 Trillion From Heists For A Special Reward

GTA Online players might think that the holiday season is a good excuse to hang up their guns and have a bit of a break. That doesn't seem likely though, as Rockstar has just challenged the community to earn a total of $2 trillion from heists. That may seem like a lot (because it is), but you should never underestimate a community whose favorite activities include stealing, robbing, and overall thievery.

Rockstar Games announced the new Heist Challenge goal on its website (thanks PCGamer). In the post, the game studio shared that they wanted to “put a proper cap” on this year’s event by calling up all the “thieves, wheelmen, hackers, and Heist technicians”. If players can cumulatively hit the $2 trillion mark, then they will unlock a “special reward coming later this year”.

This new Heist goal comes after GTA Online players completely smashed the goal set at the end of 2020’s Heist Challenge. Rockstar Games offered free rewards if the community could collectively steal $100 billion in in-game currency. Players stepped up and ended up obliterating that goal by stealing a total of $1 trillion.

Rockstar sees no reason for players not to hit the goal, especially since they made it halfway to that number in 2020 by accident. Plus, taking part in any Heist Finale until November 30 will add your “earnings” to the collective pool. Don’t forget you can also nab double the money and RP on the Pacific Standard Job this week. So, if you want that special reward then it's time to step up and do your part for the community by robbing as much as you possibly can this Holiday season.

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