Roller Champions Skates Onto Switch Tomorrow

Roller Champions has already been available on Xbox, PlayStation, and PC for almost a month, and now it's finally coming to the Nintendo Switch as well. Team up with friends or strangers as you skate around an arena and knock your opponents to the ground as you try and slam dunk on them.

Roller Champions is Ubisoft's latest free-to-play title. Based on real-life roller derby, it features wild cosmetics to give you some flair while you skate around and attempt to shoot a ball through a hoop.

Despite the cartoonish, Fortnite-esque aesthetic, Roller Champions features a devastatingly brutal sport. You can tackle, elbow, clothesline, and drop kick opponents in order to take the ball from them.

You've got to race around the oblong arena at least once before the goal activates. Race round twice or three times and your goal will score even more points – tempting when the first to five points wins. However, doing so gives the other team ample time to steal and score themselves, so you need to play hard and fast if you have any hope of succeeding.

The game was delayed earlier this year, and though it seems to have had some teething issues regarding match connectivity at launch, the extra time in the oven seems to have paid off.

The game has both a free Roller Pass and a paid variety that level up alongside each other as you play matches. These reset every month, which does feel a little quick given XP isn't all that high for quick matches, but the speed with which you can complete games helps to offset this, as do the daily match bonuses.

In other free-to-play news, Diablo: Immortal has kicked up controversy due to the ludicrous amount players will have to spend to fully upgrade a character. It costs over $100,00. And no, that's definitely not a typo. It's led to the game getting review bombed on Metacritic, with a user score of 0.4 at the time of writing.

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